Kim Paul

Health educator, Raw Food Chef


For over a decade, Kim Paul has professionally provided nutritional counseling and education, teaching diverse groups of people with a wide array of health concerns. She is a summa cum laude graduate of Centenary University and is a certified Health Educator having graduated from Hippocrates Health Institute, Health Educator Program, and a certified Raw Food Chef.

She has worked with many of the “greats’ in the plant-based nutrition arena — Brian and Anna Marie Clements, Dr Scott Stoll, Dr Michael Gregor, T Collin Campbell, and others at health immersions. In addition, she was involved with the Plantrition Project’s Plant-Based Symposiums, which educate doctors regarding the importance and power of nutrition.

For the past 4 years Kim has narrowed her focus to helping people with cancer at An Oasis of Healing (“The Oasis”) in Arizona where she does not only prepare delicious, uncooked food, but also teaches and trains the patients how to prepare these foods so that when they return home, they can live a healthy life and ‘stop making cancer’. Moreover, Kim teaches the science of nutrition as well as other wellness modalities.

Real Food

this module delves into raw and living-foods preparation and the healing benefits of this lifestyle. Along with her presentations on diet and enzymes, fermented foods, the importance of fibre, juicing, and the necessary equipment needed, a set of videos are provided in video format.

Total: 1 hour, 14 minutes


Downloadable Resources

Read through these presentations to gain a deeper understanding of diet and enzymes, fermented foods, the importance of fibre raw food equipment and juicing.


Recipe Tutorials

Tried and tested, scientifically proven raw food recipes that will help you regain optimal health.


Recipes and Guides

Download these easy-to-follow recipes and guides to help you on your journey to healthier eating that helps you Stop Making Cancer.

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