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Stop Making Cancer

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Welcome to the School of Health And Long Life.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer, then you undoubtedly come to the realization that going to war against your body is not going to restore health. It is not going to bring you the results you are looking for.

You have most likely been looking online for an alternative rational path to take. A path that resonates within you. However, what you are finding on the internet is you are overwhelmed with too much information and conflicting opinions. This most likely has you in a state of panic and feeling like there might not be a way.

It is for these exact reasons that we have put together a series of videos. These videos will be presentations, PowerPoint, and other videos where we just talk. The intention of these videos is to clear away the confusion. It is to let you know that there is not only an alternative way, but it is actually the only way to be restored to health.

The first thing we must realize is with whatever illness we have whether it be cancer, heart disease, a stroke, whatever it is, it is due to the fact that we have somehow strayed from natural life. When we stray from natural life, the body must adapt, and these adaptations are what we call diseases.

In the comprehensive series produced by Dr. Thomas Lodi, Tenzin Josh, Darren Scherbain, and Kim Paul, you will discover the natural path back to your birthright – optimal health.

This 7+ hr self-paced program is comprised of 4 modules:

  • Stop Making Cancer
  • Mental Wellbeing
  • Natural Movement
  • Real Food
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