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Mental Well-Being Course for Cancer

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21 Session program for establishing the mental well-being basis for healing from cancer and other chronic disease.


Our mental state is without doubt a huge factor in both the onset of chronic disease and our ability to recover from it. Radical remission from cancer, as documented, is largely a function of our mindset.

The sense that this healthy mindset is beyond our reach, or an insurmountable task to achieve, is a big mistake and one that blocks our ability to work on this level. In reality it is far easier than we imagine bringing the mental states we need for healing into our mind and life.

In this program we will learn everything we need to create this mind set, both in theory and most importantly in practice. Everything you need to set the mind on the course to joy, peace and the healing that brings is contained here. Each session of the 21 contains a brief lecture audio, a meditation audio and a PDF summary. The 21 sessions can be done at your own pace and ideally each one should be well integrated before moving on to the following session.


So what mental states are we talking about?

  1.     Calm and focused awareness
  2.     Body connection
  3.     Gratitude
  4.     Meaning & purpose
  5.     Acceptance
  6.     Dealing with negative emotions
  7.     Cultivating positive emotions
  8.     Letting go of our negative/unwell self-image
  9.     Radical transformation into a healed self-image

Your Guide

Tenzin Josh has been working in mental health for nearly 40 years. Originally in western psychology he then spent 15 years as a monk alongside the Dalai Lama and over 35 years studying and practicing within spiritual traditions. He has been specializing in mental health for cancer and chronic disease for over 5 years now much of that working alongside Dr Lodi within the Oasis of Healing internationally. He has helped to bring many cancer sufferers to complete healing and been an inspiration and guide to 100’s of cancer patients.


 “As you Start to Walk on the way, the way appears“. – this is what I felt when I started my way with Tenzin. He taught me how to handle my life living more than 20 years with cancer and how to walk this way – with calmness, conscious perception and happiness.
He is an amazing and compassionate teacher, I am so grateful that I got the opportunity to get to know him.
Now I am diagnosed “tumour-free” and I will definitely continue walking my way with the values and awareness he showed me.
I wish that he will reach out to many people out there to show them how to find and walk their ways. I highly recommend him by my heart.
 – Katharina Sieper


 Don’t wait to work with yourself on the mental well-being level it brings rewards in every single area of your life and provides the essential foundation to your path toward healing. Most importantly of all it really works!

Thank you


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