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Dr. Lodi – Parasites Webinar Replay

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Dr. Lodi – Parasites Webinar

Dr. Lodi unravels the truth about parasites in humans, reveal vital information about the health dangers related to parasites, and what we can do about them. Dr. Lodi thoroughly answers the following questions and conclude with a LIVE audience Q&A:

  • What are parasites?
  • Which parasites take up residence in human beings ?
  • What effect do parasites have on humans?
  • How do parasites find their way into human beings?
  • How do they avoid being killed and eliminated by our natural defenses?
  • How do we know we have parasites?
  • How can we eliminate parasites?

*DISCLAIMER: Information included in this webinar series is not a substitute for medical guidance. Information is not intended to provide any medical service. Your medical history, medical conditions, specific protocols, and medical guidance should be discussed with your healthcare professional. Always seek the face-to-face advice of a physician or other qualified health professional before making any change in treatment or discontinuing any medications. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, dial 911 or visit your closest Emergency Room. Do not use this webinar and its contents for emergency situations.

Click here for more resources on parasites: https://drlodi.com/resources-for-parasites

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