Why There Is No Disease http://drthomaslodi.com Let’s jump right into this and answer why there is no disease. There is no such thing as disease. The human body needs to maintain balance and the processes that the body engages in to maintain balance is what we call disease which is insane. Let me share with you an example of the allopathic model that I came from. It’s 5:30pm and you’re going to drive to Los Angles from Las Vegas. You fill your car up with gas, get on the road and now it’s about 7:00pm and you’re in the middle of the desert. All of a sudden a red light starts blinking on your dashboard and you reach into your glove conpartment and grab a hammer and smash the red light and go back to driving. You took care of that problem. What about pain, we shouldn’t feel pain so we should take pain pills, right? No, of course not, pain is a message telling you to stop whatever it is you are doing. Cancer is the body’s extraordinary effort to keep us alive while we wake up. And, we can find this to be the case in any disease, there is no disease! Why is it one out of two of us gets cancer? Why is it that every 25 seconds someone has a heart attack, every 25 seconds someone has a stroke, high blood pressure over the age of 40 is considered normal, and kidney disease is very popular? Conversely, wild animals that are not affected by our poisons die of only three things. First reason is trauma, being eaten or breaking a leg, second is starvation and third is old age. They don’t get heart attacks or strokes, they don’t get depressed or insomnia, they don’t get any of that stuff. Why is that? Is it because we are biologically or physiologically inferior to these wild animals? No, the answer is that humans don’t think they are a part of nature. We live in boxes and drive around in machines, we cover our bodies, we cover our feet and we are disconnected from nature.    • Health and Disease      / thomaslodimd  

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