why plants are so important to lifeWhy Plants Are So Important To Life For Us Humans

Plants are our instructors, they are our assistants. Our partnership with them is really amazing. So, why plants are so important to life is actually quite simple; exactly what we breathe out, they breathe in, what we humans excrete, they utilize. The symbiosis between plants and humans simply could not be any better.

We exhale out carbon dioxide, they take in carbon dioxide, they breathe out oxygen and we breathe in oxygen. I die or have a bowel movement it turns out nourishing them. Plants wilt and die off, they wind up providing me their body and I consume it and I get nourished. The relationship is simply remarkable.

Plant life sustains human beings and they sustain the entire animal population. The whole biosphere is maintained by plants and also plants are in a direct connection with light. Light is the link between spirit and matter. So there’s light, plants and after that everything else.

We have several connections with plants. Many aboriginal societies have actually had plants that are teachers that aided them in getting out of the minimal spectrum they stayed in.

Humans actually hear much less than one-tenth of the entire acoustic spectrum and also we only smell less than one percent of all possible smells. In addition, our vision of the whole electromagnetic range is very small. Plants come along and aid us in opening up those areas in which we are restricted.

That’s Why Consuming Greens, Juice, And Raw Plants, Is So Vitally Important To The Health Of All Humans.

It is in line with the biological laws of nature and that’s the place we all need to live in and stay in. Where the majority of the population lives today is not in line with nature and that’s why we are a society of sickness. We need to reverse this or the trend of sickness will continue and increase.


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