Why Is Nature Important To Humans https://drthomaslodi.com/ Why is nature important to humans because we are a part of it! In order for nature to work, every single organism has to carry out a certain set of functions perfectly. Come to find out, nature is unquestionably perfect. What we are able to glean from nature is there is nothing that goes to waste. Everything that occurs in nature is out of necessity. The meaning of the word biodegradable means it will be absorbed by the earth and put to use again. No waste is produced. Nature uses everything and recycles it over and over. If an animal were to die or have a bowel movement nature uses that as fertilizer. Nature is not in the waste business as it doesn’t produce any. Humans are the only ones to produce waste in nature. Nature shows us that we need to respect our earth suit or body. Nature will operate by the law of necessity only. The universe is amoral. Water running downhill doesn’t happen because it’s good to do, water runs downhill out of necessity. Everything in nature occurs out of necessity! People need to respect their own bodies. Society today doesn’t realize they are a part of nature which includes their body. The human body always does that which is necessary. An autoimmune disease is a ridiculous concept by the medical profession. The human body doesn’t make mistakes and attack itself for no reason. There is something going on there that we can’t yet understand and what is happening is necessary.    • Humanity Is Disconnected From Nature      / @drthomaslodi  

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