Why Is Iodine Important To The Body? https://drthomaslodi.com/why-is-iodin… Why is iodine important to the body and how does it help? Iodine exists in your interstitial fluid and it is surrounding all of your cells. If you have enough iodine in your body and you develop cancer, it will not be able to grow or spread when there is enough iodine. If you put iodine on a cut, it won’t get infected. And, if you are a boy scout or a girl scout, you learn you can add iodine to pond water and drink it. Iodine is antimicrobial and by the same mechanism that it kills organisms, it also kills cancer cells. When they used to do autopsies on ninety-five-year-old Japanese guys who died from a stroke or a heart attack or something like that and they would find multiple tumors in different locations in the body which never grew and never spread. Cancer, if it doesn’t grow or spread is no more dangerous than a pimple. If your body is saturated with iodine, you can prevent metastasis and prevent tumor growth. Iodine is also a powerful antioxidant; it is amazing stuff and it is totally overlooked. Almost all doctors, even if they are alternatives are still following the crowd. In other words, if the general opinion is “X”, they will follow it. The problem with Hashimoto’s is not enough iodine in the body. There is not anyone who can tell me that even just one person in the history of humanity has been cured of Hashimoto’s by an Allopathic physician. Neither have they helped anyone with diabetes, high blood pressure, or any disease. They don’t help them. They don’t even know what is wrong with them!    • Quotes By Dr Thomas Lodi   #whyisiodineimportanttothebody #iodineandcancertreatment #drthomaslodi

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