Why Integrative Oncology? Because The Science Says That It Is More Effective In Treating Cancer Than Conventional Methods

People that are diagnosed with cancer get the same second opinion when they visit conventional places like Sloan Kettering, MD Anderson, and the Mayo Clinic. That is not a true second opinion. When you go to a Toyota dealership, they are not going to show you a BMW or a Ford or GMC. They are going to show you Toyota’s. It is the same with second opinions in the conventional world. They all view cancer the same way. They want to go to war against it.

Dr. Thomas Lodi has put together under the true definition of integrative oncology the best of the best treatment protocols that help the body heal from cancer. He uses indigenous medical disciplines or healing disciplines that include Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, and Osteopathy.

He put all these healing modalities together as they have been proven to be highly effective. If you truly want a second opinion and you should as it is the most important decision in your life, you need to do your due diligence. A person with cancer must visit a qualified medical professional who has experience in both the conventional world and the alternative cancer treatment world.

Dr. Lodi is going to cover the science of conventional medicine and the science of the non-conventional as it relates to treating cancer. So, why integrative oncology and not regular conventional oncology, it’s simple, it’s the science.

Globally, One Out Of Six Deaths Are Due To Cancer

So, if you are talking about a pandemic, this is the real pandemic. Cardiovascular illness is now number two to cancer in deaths in the top 21 countries in the world. Cancer will continue to take over the number one position in most countries soon.

Here is some science for you regarding someone with Stage 4 cancer and who undergoes high-dose chemotherapy treatments. Their 5-year survival rate in Australia is 2.3% and in the United States, it is 2.1%. What this also means is that a person who had stage 4 cancer and underwent high-dose chemo treatments had a 97-98% chance of dying. Would you get on a plane that has a 97% chance of crashing?

Metastasis is responsible for 90% of all cancer deaths. This statistic has changed very little in the last 50 years. Metastasis means cancer originates in one place (brain, liver, breast, etc.) and travels to another part of the body. Chemotherapy enhances metastasis. More than 99% of a tumor is not capable of metastasizing.

Chemotherapy actively produces cancer progression. Cancers cells normally go through apoptosis which means they kill themselves. If that process of apoptosis is blocked that is when cancer grows. Chemotherapy blocks apoptosis.

To summarize the detrimental effects of chemotherapy.

it changes the tumor microenvironment – allows cancer to grow
promotes cancer cell escape – means it’s able to leave the primary tumor
promotes immune system escape
increases circulating tumor cells
promotes a favorable environment for metastasis

A Scientific Study Shows That Chemotherapy Alters The Tumor Microenvironment Which Can Promote Tumor Cell Survival And Drug Resistance

Chemotherapy shrinks the primary tumor, however, 6-9-12 months later, cancer has spread to multiple places in the body.

Chronic inflammation is the underlying physiological process in all chronic illnesses and specifically cancer. Sitting in the center of it all is something called NF-KB or Nuclear Factor Kappa Beta. Another big player is HIF-1 which stands for Hypoxia Inducible Factor -1.  This is how we heal. Cancer has been called the wound that wouldn’t heal.

If HIF-1 is turned on all the time it is going to stimulate cancer growth. It turns on all the genes that are responsible for the hypoxic response which is oncogenes.

How do we get cancer? When the mitochondria, which take oxygen and glucose to make energy, are destroyed to some degree and they become dysfunctional.  When you have enough mitochondria that become dysfunctional, they start to ferment in order to make energy.

What happens then is the cells are not using oxygen or glucose to make energy, therefore it has low oxygen. It’s hypoxic. This then stimulates HIF-1 which allows cancer to grow. When cancer cells go through fermentation it produces an environment around them that other cancer cells will like. It makes things more acidic.

Tumor Cells Upregulate Normoxic HIF-1 In Response To Doxorubicin

What does the above heading mean? This was a scientific study conducted by the NIH and published on October 15, 2013. Tumor cells increase the HIF-1 which we know is how cancer grows. The term “Normoxic” means normal oxygen. So, this means that the drug, Doxorubicin causes tumor cells to upregulate increasing the HIF-1 response which represents cancer growth. Doxorubicin is a common drug used to treat cancer.

Chemotherapy alters monocyte differentiation to favor the generation of cancer-supporting M2 macrophages in the tumor microenvironment. What does this mean?

Well, remember, M1 macrophages grab pieces of the tumor and show it to the immune system, so they know what it is. The immune system then attacks and destroys it. When these cancer drugs are used, they change the M1 macrophages to M2 macrophages. M2 macrophages support cancer growth.

These cancer drugs, cisplatin, and carboplatin, the “platins” are used to treat breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, and ovarian cancer. These drugs increase IL-6 and IL-10 which produce more M2 macrophages. We don’t want M2 macrophages because they support cancer growth. The data from this study suggests that a chemotherapy-mediated increase in tumor-promoting M2 macrophages may form an indirect mechanism for chemoresistance.

Taxanes do not improve survival! Taxanes are a group of chemotherapy drugs that do not produce survival. So, what do they do? They shrink the primary tumor, however, while people get excited by that these drugs cause the spread of metastasis. A few months later, you have metastasis all over the body.

There Is No Increase In Survival Just Shrinkage Of The Primary Tumor From Taxanes

When we talk about maximum tolerated chemotherapy, the answer is, no! If Dr. Lodi sounds angry or harsh in the video above when it comes to this it is because he is tired of seeing people suffer and die for decades and he wants it to end!

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy induces breast cancer metastasis through a TMEM-mediated mechanism. This is from a study published in July of 2017 in the Department of Health and Human Services or HHS. There were also many other scientific studies supporting this published in the Albert Einstein School of Medicine and Cornell Medical. Remember, neoadjuvant chemotherapy means getting chemo treatments before surgery to shrink the tumor.

So, are you starting to see why integrative oncology is needed and not conventional medicine? I implore you to watch the above video in its entirety and glean the scientific knowledge that Dr. Thomas Lodi shares with you. Knowledge is power. It is time to end this needless pain and suffering!

Let’s Talk About Why Integrative Oncology And The Difference Versus Conventional Oncology

Integrative oncology helps to rebuild the entire person, the mind-body-spirit. It helps to restore health by achieving optimal functioning. When you have optimal functioning, you won’t have arthritis or depression, etc. Conventional oncology tears the body apart destroying the only defense system the body has, the immune system.

Integrative oncology is returning the power and responsibility to the person. People need to accept responsibility for their own health. When they do, good things usually happen. This method teaches people to “thrive” not just survive.

As a result of all the natural healing modalities used in integrative oncology, people heal from cancer. People end up with collateral blessings, not side effects. Other so-called “diseases” fade away and the person becomes an inspiration to their family and friends.

Why Integrative Oncology – Part 2 It’s The Science will be out shortly as it was impossible to get all of this information into just one presentation. Be sure to watch part two and share it as well.

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