The Whole Field Of Integrative Oncology Is Becoming “Quasi” Mainstream

Why integrative oncology? This is Part 2 in our series on why integrative oncology. It’s the science that shows conventional medicine doesn’t work. The mainstream big cancer centers all have integrative oncology departments. However, they don’t practice the kind of integrative oncology that we do using metabolic therapy for cancer.

They might have some acupuncture and some mindfulness exercises, but it doesn’t really go beyond that. Therefore Dr. Thomas Lodi formed the Institute of Integrative Oncology (IIO) which is a Singapore-based certification company.

Dr. Lodi and Dr. Nathan Goodyear have a program where they will be training physicians to certify them in integrative oncology using metabolic medicine and metabolic therapy for cancer.

We are going to discuss the way integrative oncology needs to be in today’s world for the benefit of humanity. There are three foundational elements to the program that we teach people and train doctors on, and they are as follows.

  1. Stop making cancer – change the biochemistry of the person with cancer. It is important to understand that if cancer production is not stopped, then it doesn’t matter how good someone is at getting rid of it, cancer will return.
  2. Target cancer without causing harm. This is where we use metabolic therapies to help eliminate cancer. These therapies target cancer but do no harm to the body.
  3. Stimulate and enhance the immune system. We must wake up the immune system because cancer is extremely clever.

The Human Body Is Like An Aquarium – If The Fish Are Sick In The Aquarium, You Must Change The Water

You can put medicine in the aquarium all day long, but it won’t help. Metabolic therapies are what we use to target cancer without destroying the body or going to war against it. To name a few of these therapies there is vitamin c, quercetin, curcumin, artesunate, B17, etc.

The reason these metabolic therapies work is because cancer cells, having changed and are no longer normal cells. They have different enzyme systems now and need to maintain the metabolic processes of fermentation.

What happens now is cancer cells no longer have certain enzymes and we are able to take advantage of that. As an example, healthy cells love vitamin c, cancer cells do not.

Next, we move to the immune system which has two jobs. It is the department of maintenance and the department of defense, and it only has a certain amount of energy.

So, if it is busy dealing with maintenance issues such as a bad diet and colon issues, then it has little to no time to spend on defense. When this happens, it opens the body up to negative health conditions that can arise.

Let’s Put Our Focus Now On How To Stop Making Cancer

There are a number of things we do simultaneously to stop the production of cancer and it starts with cleansing the body. The waste in the body needs to be removed as well as the toxins. Cleansing the colon and the lymphatic system is a must.

Go to sleep early! This is probably the most important thing one can do for good health. If a person doesn’t get proper sleep, then they won’t be able to do so many of the other things that are needed for good health.

Meditation is key. We teach how to turn the mind off. This is not geared towards guided meditation. This does not apply to someone telling you to relax your body or imagine yourself somewhere else. This type of meditation revolves around “thinking” and thinking is uncontrollable. We teach how to turn the mind off and make it blank. When you do this, divinity shines through.

It’s important to read. Today, we are bombarded with “un-truths” daily. We need to read first thing in the morning after a good night’s rest and after meditation. The mind is then ready to receive and absorb useful information. Read books on healing, nutrition, and health.

People need to exercise and move their bodies around. We need to create a good sweat whether walking, jogging, etc. This helps the body naturally remove toxins.

Eat human food at healthy intervals. Stay away from processed food and junk food and eat whole foods.

It Is Best To Eat Once A Day, That Is Ideal

If you can’t do that or don’t want to, don’t eat for 20 hours, and eat within a 4-hour window. If not 20 hours, go 18 hours and keep your eating window to 6 hours.

Then there is periodic fasting which is not eating one full day out of the week. At every change of the season, don’t eat for 10 days and only drink water.

Finally, reconnect with nature. Nature is not a “thing” that is over there. It is all around but just hard to see sometimes, especially if you live in a city. We need to stay connected to it I order to achieve true health.

We hope you are starting to understand the title of this article, Why Integrative Oncology. It’s the science that proves conventional treatments don’t work and cause more harm. Metabolic therapy for cancer treatment is highly effective and causes no harm to the human body.

As a reminder, the mitochondria are the little organelles inside the cells that produce energy. They take 6 molecules of oxygen and one molecule of glucose and produce 36 ATP in the mitochondria. Cancer begins when enough mitochondria are destroyed or become dysfunctional.

This is where glycolysis or fermentation begins and cancer forms. Fermentation only produces 2 ATP. Cancer cells are 19 times less efficient at energy production than healthy cells.

Brassica Prevention And Treatment

The brassica family of vegetables is very good for a person’s health and helps people heal from cancer as well as help prevent cancer. The brassica family of vegetables consists of broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Bok choy, etc.

Dr. Jed Fahey, a plant physiologist in the Department of Pharmacology at John Hopkins University School of Medicine manages the universities Brassica Chemoprotection Laboratory. He has done a lot of excellent work at bringing the benefits of these vegetables to light for all to see.

The odds ratio for breast cancer when 5 or more servings per week are eaten is .58 percent which is almost a 50% reduction in risk.  Researchers in Italy published in June 2005 in the Journal of Nutrition that when they mixed cauliflower juice with breast cancer cells, not only did the cancerous cells stop growing, but given at higher doses, the cancer cells were killed. They exploded and not by apoptosis.

Furthermore, normal cells were not affected. There is a large volume of research and studies that support this. Another study shows that brassica vegetables prevent the development of estrogen-enhanced cancers including breast, endometrial, and cervical cancers.

Dislocation Epidemic From The Outside To The Inside

The last several decades have seen humanity spend less time outdoors than we used to. Seventy percent of mothers in the United States remember playing outside as children but only 26% of them say their children play outside daily.

When a person is outside, when they are in a forest and in nature, your pre-frontal lobe connections kind of slow down, and you go into an alpha wave.  Beta is when a person is active and engaging, i.e., at work or having discussions, etc.

Theta on the other hand is dreaming. Alpha is in between Beta and Theta. Buddhist monks and meditators also engage in Alpha waves. Some of the most experienced meditators who have been meditating for decades can get to Delta where there is almost no brain activity, but they are completely aware.

In Illinois, housing projects with a lot of trees versus those without trees have a lower crime rate and lower rates of aggression. In Japan, the Government has instituted Shinrin Yoku which is “forest bathing”. NK cells increase in number and function in forests. As a result, Japan now has 48 therapy trails.

Cancer Was Born Out Of A Homeostatic Corrective Response

Cancer arises out of a homeostatic adaptive response. It is extremely clever as it has learned to adapt to the fermentation process which is a difficult way to maintain high energy.  Cancer cells are more prepared than average normal cells.

The most toxic chemo treatments are adapted to easily by cancer cells whereas normal healthy cells are not. We must overwhelm cancer cells by doing so many kinds of metabolic therapies at once. Remember, cancer cells don’t have the enzymes to protect themselves.

How Do We Target The Cancer Cells Without Doing Harm To The Body?

We use the following metabolic therapies for targeting cancer while doing ho harm to healthy cells.

IPT/IPTLD – Insulin Potentiated Therapy or insulin potentiated low dose chemotherapy. We can also use insulin potentiated botanical therapies such as intravenous quercetin or intravenous curcumin.

Vitamin C – this is all-natural chemotherapy, with no harmful side effects.

Amygdalin – or B17.

DCA (Dichlor Acetate) and Metabolic Therapies From Germany.

Oxidative Therapies (Ozone, H2O2 or Peroxide, UVBI or Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation).

Hyperthermia (local).




Metronomic Chemotherapy Has Emerged

When conventional doctors talk about a “maximum tolerated dose” what they mean is what is the maximum dose we can give a person without it killing them. As soon as the public figures out what something means, the medical industry changes its name of it. This is a tactic they continue to use.

Metronomic chemotherapy means that they give periodic low-dose IVs as opposed to the high-dose treatments given all at once. What they found was when the lower dose treatments (10-30% of high dose treatments) were given is that it targeted the endothelial cells and can stop angiogenesis.

A tumor can’t grow one or two millimeters without new blood vessels. So, if you successfully block off angiogenesis then the tumor can’t grow. Toxicity and chemoresistance come from conventional high-dose chemotherapy.

Dr. Lodi IPT therapy or insulin potentiated low dose chemo treatments are 5-10% of the conventional high-dose chemo treatments. The other benefit of this lower dose treatment is it rarely develops drug resistance.

If your oncologist is unaware of these peer-reviewed scientific studies (footnoted in this video at 31:11), tell them to look up Metronomic Chemotherapy. Overall, most of the clinical trials demonstrated that metronomic chemotherapy was well tolerated.

It was a cost-effective treatment option. The most common side effects were mild nausea, vomiting, mild to moderate anemia as well as low-grade fatigue.

Metronomic chemotherapy offers a significant clinical improvement including a better quality of life with minimal toxicity.

Low Dose Insulin Potentiation Chemotherapy – A Rational Use Of Poison

Let’s review a bit of history. In 1931, insulin was discovered. In 1936 a Mexican doctor named Donato Perez Garcia couldn’t gain weight so what did he do, he tried insulin. He used insulin successfully to gain weight.

Then he decided well, maybe this potentiates things? So, back then he used a little bit of arsenic and mercury with insulin and gave it to me with tertiary syphilis. This is syphilis that winds up in the third stage. This condition usually goes from a sore on the genitals, to a dormant stage and then to the brain.

Dr. Garcia was able to get rid of tertiary Phyllis using insulin and was invited to the White House. This was a big deal. Then his son, Dr. Donato Perez Garcia II did this effectively with Polio using insulin in the 1950s.

Now, Dr. Donato Garcia Perez III who is still alive today still uses this very same therapy with insulin. He uses it effectively against cancer. All three generations use this therapy against cancer successfully. In fact, in 1943 was the first person with cancer in the United States was treated with IPT therapy and lived another 20 years and died of another cause.

Dr. Thomas Lodi and other doctors went to Mexico in the 1990s and were trained on IPT and began using it successfully. The doctors using IPT had to eventually change the name to low-dose insulin potentiated chemotherapy (LDIPC) because everyone was using IPT, and it wasn’t truly IPT.

What Is LDIPC Or Low Dose Insulin Potentiated Chemotherapy?

LDIPC is a chemotherapy-based protocol using insulin as a biological response modifier of the endogenous mechanisms of malignancy. In LDIPC, insulin is used to selectively target cancer cells with lowered doses of chemotherapy drugs.

This treatment enhances the drug effects on the cancer cells. And it deduces drug-related side effects on normal tissues. It is important to understand why this therapy is so effective against cancer.

Cancer cells have 6 times more insulin receptors on their cells versus normal healthy cells. They also have 10 times more IGF receptors on their cells which is a good thing.

So, the insulin acts as a trojan horse as cancer cells eat first, they gobble up the insulin and as they are eating and wide open, now comes the chemo drug and the doors are open. This is why it is so effective at eliminating cancer with no hair loss and people are still able to work, eat and live their lives as they normally would.

There are over 80 references in scientific literature on the effectiveness of using LDIPC.

The video above goes into detail on each one of the metabolic therapies that are used effectively in treating cancer. We urge you to watch this video several times and if you have further questions, you can book a consultation with Dr. Lodi himself here.

And, in case you missed our first segment in this series, here is Why Integrative Oncology? Part 1 – It’s The Science – How Do We Get Cancer, please go here.

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