Why Eat A Plant Based Diet?Why Eat A Plant Based Diet Because It Directly Correlates To A Longer Lifespan.

If you’re interested in health and longevity, you should probably pay attention to the following article. Why eat a plant based diet you ask? Well, the benefits are numerous but most importantly, it allows us more time on this amazing thing called Earth.

To further illustrate why you want to eat a plant-based diet, let’s talk about longevity. How long do all the Lions, Tigers, and Dogs live? On average, they live approximately 15 years and they are meat-eaters.

Horses, Chimps, and Elephants are all plant-based eaters and they live on average 28-40 years, 55 years, and 60-90 years respectively. Strength, endurance, and longevity all go to the plant eaters!

Why is this? It has to do with energy. The purest energy is the sun. The plants get sun directly and how long do they live? Well, we have Redwood trees that live 3,000 to 4,000 years. We have olive trees in Israel that live 3,500 years.

How about a meadow on a huge hill, it has probably been there a few thousand years. This longevity is from the plants getting direct energy from the sun. They still have a finite lifespan, however, it’s incredibly long.

Now, let’s review the lifespan of those who eat the plants. The Elephants, the Rhino’s, the Hippo’s, as stated above, they live quite a long time. Next, let’s review the animals that eat those that eat plants, the Lions and Tigers, their lifespan is just a fraction of the plant-eaters.

Why Eat A Plant Based Diet Because It Offers All Of Us A Longer Life

You see, the further you get away from the source of energy, the shorter the lifespan. When it comes right down to it, it has to do with energy conservation.

As an example, a potato clock can keep time for two to three weeks. It works because the potato is alive and has a bioelectric charge. That charge will fade within 2-3 weeks.

What do you think would happen if we baked that potato? Do you think it would still be able to keep time? The answer is no.

It won’t work for two reasons. First, the molecular structure has been changed with the baking of the potato, and second, the essence of the potato has been removed and that essence is “life”!

Life is the ability to maintain a charge and hold energy. I think you can start to see why eating a plant-based diet is so incredibly important to maximizing good health and a long lifespan.

A raw vegan plant-based diet has tremendous health benefits and naturally helps in the prevention of cancer. It provides the living nutrients that challenge cancer metabolically and can help prevent the formation of any tumors.

People have forgotten what the true purpose of food is, it is not to pleasure the tongue it is to nourish the body. Think about that for a moment and let it sink in, then start to make the necessary changes in your diet to live a healthier, longer life!

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