Why Do We Need The Sun https://drthomaslodi.com/what-does-th… Why do we need the sun as humans? Well, the most important reason is it helps keep everyone in the proper rhythm that is needed to function at an optimal level. There are two different kinds of creatures that occupy this planet, they are diurnal and nocturnal. The relationship we have with the sun is quite profound. When the optic nerve is exposed to sunlight it will go through the super chiasmic nucleus first and then to the pineal gland. Hormones such as melatonin are produced by the pineal gland. Humans happen to be diurnal. The creatures that stay awake during the night are called nocturnal. These creatures eat while we sleep and are most active at night. We happen to be the complete opposite. Our diurnal rhythm is in harmony with the sun. This rhythm exists between humans, the earth, and the sun and it never changes. The human physiology and anatomy work perfectly with this rhythm. The sunlight is critical to us just as critical as the oxygen we breathe. Everything around the universe exists in cycles. An example of this is the four seasons we experience on Earth. Another example is the cycle of birth and death. The stars and constellations all work in cycles. Everything in nature is connected and has a reason for being. In nature, every organism performs specific functions in a particular niche. We call this a biological niche. A quick example of this biological niche is putting a tuna fish in a lake versus the ocean. It might survive for a certain period of time, but it won’t be functioning at an optimal level as it’s out of its environment.    • Human Body Frequency Resonance      / @drthomaslodi  

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