Why Do We Need Plants To Live Because Everything Starts With Them!

Plants like what humans don’t. They like it when we die because they love our corpses. They love when we have a bowel movement. So, why do we need plants to live, because we live off of them.

Human waste is a plant’s nourishment. And, in turn, plants are our nourishment. It turns out to be a beautiful, perfect cycle. Humans breathe out CO2 as waste and plants take it in.

Plants thrive off of CO2, sunlight, and water, that’s all they need. Everything made from carbon came from CO2. When we look at a giant Redwood tree that’s 400 ft. tall and then we realize that 99.9% of that massive, solid tree came from the air.

Einstein said that people can look at life as either boring or amazing, it’s all in your perspective. Have you ever watched a child looking at anything? They are amazed by life. Adults lose this and become jaded.

Why is it that children learn faster than adults? Children learn quickly because they have no agenda. They have no explanation of “how it should be”. Instead, they see it how it is.

That’s why kids can learn different languages at a faster rate. Just by being around someone speaking a different language, they are able to pick it up quickly.

Kids are in a state of non-judgment. Nothing is good or bad to them, it just is what it is which is the state of awe or bliss. All animals when they are not engaging in survival or reproductive activities are in awe.

Why Do We Need Plants To Live Because They Provide The Nourishment Humans Need To Thrive

Animals don’t interpret or judge. There is no such thing as “it should be”. Should “isn’t”, “could be” isn’t, “will be” isn’t, “was” isn’t. The majority of humans live in the world of “I could have, I should have”, etc.

In India, they call this illusion. None of this is real, what is real is “what is”. And, it’s impossible to know what is, a person can only experience it. Turn off your mind and experience it.

That’s where are plants live, that’s where all animals live and that’s where God lives. They all live in the one thing that is real and that is “right now” at this very moment.

Everything else is illusion and fantasy. What two people think that happened yesterday, even if they were together at the same place, are always different.

That’s why we have lawyers. The whole she said, no he said thing. Yesterday is debatable, tomorrow is definitely debatable and then all the other stuff just isn’t.

Everyone already knows all of this, it’s just that we have stopped thinking about it since we were kids.

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