Why Do We Need Plants To Live?

Why Do We Need Plants To Live

Why Do We Need Plants To Live? https://drthomaslodi.com/why-do-we-ne… Why do we need plants to live simply because they contain what humans need to thrive in life! Plants really love ironically that which humans don’t. Plants do like it when humans die and the reason why is they love our corpses. Plants also love when humans move their bowels. Humans require plants to live. A plant’s nourishment is, in fact, our human waste. And, plants are human nourishment. It’s a beautiful cycle and one that works perfectly. People exhale CO2 as waste and plants absorb it. All plants live off CO2, water, and natural sunlight. That is all plants need. Things produced from carbon were derived from CO2. Why do kids learn at a faster rate than their parents? Kids don’t have an agenda and as a result, learn faster. They simply see things as they are! Children do not judge, they are taught judgment from their parents. In their eyes, there is nothing that is good or bad. They live in a state of awe. When animals are not engaged in trying to survive or sexual activity, they live in awe. Animals, like kids, don’t judge either nor do they try to interpret. It’s quite impossible to actually know “what is”! Humans are only able to experience “it”. People need to shut off their minds, then and only then can they experience “it”. Plants live in “it”, animals live in “it” and that’s where God lives. All of them live in the “now” and that is the only thing that is real, this very moment. People know this already. We just haven’t thought about it since childhood.    • Food and Cancer      / @drthomaslodi  

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