Why Do We Have Receptors On Our Cells https://drthomaslodi.com/what-is-the-… Why do we have receptors on our cells and what is their function? We have various types of receptors on the cells for many reasons. The body has certain receptors where a chemical is made within us and that chemical fits naturally on them. Other times a specific chemical is obtained for other receptors through something we eat or ingest like cannabinoids. The cannabinoids fit perfectly on their receptors made uniquely for them. Nothing in nature is unnecessary. Everything in nature has value, has a purpose and is necessary. You may ask why it’s necessary? The answer is simple because it is. And, why is that? It is because God wants it that way. The human body was designed to eradicate toxins. If the body was designed to eradicate toxins, then that should tell us that toxins are necessary. If toxins weren’t necessary, there wouldn’t be a process in the body to eliminate them. When humans ingest opium, it not only has a blissful effect, but it also eliminates pain and mellows us out. The body has opium receptors. Why would we have receptors for opium on the cells? Well, because we naturally produce opium. Opiate receptors cover the entire body. When opiates are consumed they go to these receptors immediately. Cannabinoid receptors cover the entire body as well. Cannabinoids come from hemp and marijuana. When they are ingested, they go through the body and the brain, hitting all receptors for it. The human body is so amazing. All things that have a deeply positive effect on the body has receptors made specifically for it. When there are no receptors for things we ingest, what happens then? We usually throw it up. The body becomes sick and sometimes people die. The things we eat are much worse than even smoking and exactly why people should eat a whole food vegan raw diet daily.    • Metabolic Medicine An Overview      / @drthomaslodi  

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