why do people with cancer lose weightWhy Do People With Cancer Lose Weight? – It’s The Treatments!

Well, ninety-nine percent of the time it’s not due to cancer but rather the treatments.

What the treatments do is they actually damage the gastrointestinal system so that they can not absorb or process any of the food they eat and they also lose their appetite.

Then, they start vomiting and they have diarrhea so they become extremely malnourished and they lose weight. This is the vast majority of people with cancer that are losing weight it is due to that.

However, let’s say someone doesn’t go in for any treatment, they just decide to stay at home or use some other method and they begin to lose weight. It’s usually in the last stages or the latter stages when the tumors have spread so far or they’re so large that in order to make enough energy for them to survive they are breaking down the body tissue. This is called cachexia. Cachexia is a medical term for when the body is actually consuming itself and it is consuming mostly because of cancer.

Cancer has a voracious appetite especially for glucose, exclusively for glucose and of course, one amino acid called glutamine. The body can take proteins and convert them into glucose and also it can do the same for fat. That’s what happens when a person starts to lose weight in the latter stages of cancer.

Again, please remember the vast majority of signs when you see this is because of treatments, both radiation, and chemotherapy. These two treatments are devastating to the body and render the immune system useless to defend the body against any cancer. The immune system is our line of defense and it works really well but when we overwhelm it, it has no time for cancer.

Using metabolic medicine has proven to be effective against cancer and does no harm to the body. It naturally supports the immune system and that’s what we teach you in our online video course on cancer.

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