Why Do Cancer Patients Lose Hair Rapidly

why do cancer patients lose hairSo Why Do Cancer Patients Lose Hair Rapidly? The Short Answer Is, From The Conventional Treatments They Are Undergoing

Why do cancer patients lose hair when they have cancer? Well, that’s actually not a true statement or a valid question because cancer does not cause hair loss unless you’re in extremely late stages where you have severe malnutrition for a long period of time. But basically, that just doesn’t happen. When we see hair loss, it’s always due to chemotherapy or radiation, but the vast majority is due to chemotherapy.

What chemotherapy does is it’s more toxic to the most rapidly dividing cells, which is what the goal is because cancer is rapidly dividing. But so is our skin. We have new skin every six weeks on our whole body, so it’s rapidly dividing. Part of our skin, in our skin, are what are called appendages such as hair, sub-hair follicles, and then the hair growth and glands, etcetera, so there are aspects to the skin that are not just pure dermis or epidermis. And so the hair is rapidly dividing, and your hair grows all the time. Even after we pass away, our hair grows for a little while, as do our nails.

The other rapidly dividing cells are in our gastrointestinal system. We have new linings to our stomach and our small intestines, large intestines every three days we have new cells coming up. So these are rapidly dividing cells. So any place that’s rapidly dividing will be affected by chemotherapy. That’s why we often see someone will start chemo and then within a week, they have no hair or just patches of hair, and then they have to wear wigs and other things.

Why Do Cancer Patients Lose Hair Is Explained In Full For You Here

Even though they might be feeling absolutely normal, some people are able to deal with these high levels of toxins for a while until their cup of toxin gets full. Once their toxic cup gets full, every little bit will cause a problem. And that’s what we see. And people say “You know, I took this chemo two years ago and nothing happened, now it must be the new chemo”. It’s not the new chemo, it’s the cumulative effect of your body just storing this chemo. It gets stuck in the bone marrow and it gets stuck in the fat cells and other places.

So, once again, hair loss is not due to cancer, it’s due to the treatment, and we must keep that in mind when it comes to probably the vast majority of symptoms that we associate with cancer are really appropriately associated with the conventional therapies. Those conventional treatments are full-dose chemotherapy and radiation which in and of themselves are carcinogenic and cancer-causing.  These conventional treatments play no favorites either, they destroy everything in their path, both healthy cells and cancer cells.

Take the time to educate yourself on why this is not the path to take, there are far safer and much more effective natural cancer treatments available and I can help you with that. You can also schedule time with me as I do online consultations.

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