Why Body Detoxification Is Important

Why Body Detoxification Is ImportantWhy Body Detoxification Is Important For Health

The body has a built-in system to cleanse, to detoxify. Why body detoxification is important is because we are all accumulating toxins on a daily basis. We need to be diligent in ridding our bodies of these toxins, so accumulation does not become a health issue.

Most of the organs of function have to focus on getting rid of and eliminating toxins. Internally, we have intracellular mechanisms to eliminate toxins and clean up so that your body can detoxify.

You don’t do it, it’s the body that does it. It’s a self-cleaning oven. The switch is turned on and it cleans itself. This body will clean itself if you just stop feeding it.

If you don’t stop feeding it, it can’t clean itself and you will accumulate toxins quickly. The accumulation of the toxins over time will develop these things called, sickness, aging, and early premature death.

We’re supposed to be living to 120 years of age. I would like to remind everyone that the original design had us living to 912 years of age.

For those who don’t remember the original design, look in the Holy books, what’d they tell you? This guy lived 987 years, this guy lived to 940 years of age, etc. Why is that?

It is because they were eating the food that we were designed to eat. What were they eating? Go to the first book, we call it, “Genesis”. There are other names for it.

In Israel, they call it the “Pentateuch” by Moses. Go to the first book, chapter 1, verse 29, and read it. What does it say? It says “I give you every fruit which has a seed and every plant bearing seed that’s on the whole face of the earth. For you, it shall be meat. For you, it shall be food.”

Why Body Detoxification Is Important If Maintaining Health Is Your Goal

What it did not say was steam for 20 minutes. It did not say when microwaved, do not use metal. Those were not there. I’ve read it a few times, I just don’t remember seeing that part.

When people were eating according to that diet, what happened? They lived to the age of 900 or longer. Why aren’t we living this long today?

Remember the big flood, and the guy named Noah? What did he start doing? He got permission to feed the people what? Dead animals.

They started eating dead animals and what happened? They died young and within five generations they were living with a decreased lifespan of 120 years.

And then came the rules. There was halal and kosher, but all these are rules were for plan B. This is not plan A. Plan A was to eat the plants and don’t cook them because I made him perfect.

Guess what? I made tomatoes not tomato soup. And I didn’t make a mistake. You’re making a mistake by turning on the oven.

Do you think God messed up? Where’s the lycopene? How come they are no lycopene trees? How come there are no vitamin C trees? Oh, I guess we don’t need just one single nutrient?

I guess if we eat the tomato, it’s got lycopene, vitamin C, vitamin A, carotenes, and fiber. Also, the seeds have Amygdalin. As said by Hippocrates, “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This is it. There is no other medicine.

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