where do you get protein from if you don't eat meatWhere Do You Get Protein From If You Don’t Eat Meat, Well, Grab A Rat And Milk It, Let Me Explain?

I’m writing a book where right now the title is called “Grab A Rat And Milk It” and it’s a quick read but it helps take you from wherever you are and wakes you up and you say, okay, I get the protein thing! The whole notion of where do you get protein from if you don’t eat meat comes from a lack of knowledge and understanding.

We all need to be woken up because right now, the earth is in crisis and the human race is in crisis. Cancer is a symptom of the crisis of the human race and it all has to do with protein.

When we talk about protein and talk about the way we need to live, most people say hmm, don’t you need protein? Where are you going to get protein if you’re eating like that? And I’ve got a couple of very relevant responses to that. One of them is this, that if you want to find out how much protein you need, you look at back when you were an infant because infants have to double and triple their weight.

And in order to accomplish that all mammals were given milk and in that milk is maximum protein, maximum carbs, maximum fat, and maximum micronutrients.

Where Do You Get Protein From If You Don’t Eat Meat Answered Here

If we look at the amount of protein in the milk of mammals then we can get an idea of how much that mammal may need, at the maximum time of their life when they are doubling and even tripling in weight and size. We don’t double in anything even as adolescences, we don’t go from four feet to eight feet.

However, as infants, we double, so you need maximum protein. So if we look at the amount of protein in the milk, we find that probably one of the highest concentrations is in rats. They have forty-nine percent protein in their milk.

So my advice for everyone who wants to get their protein is, you’re on this protein, protein, gotta have protein mantra; grab a rat and milk it.

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