What To Expect From An Initial Consultation With An Integrative Cancer Specialist?

What To Expect From An Initial Consultation With An Integrative Cancer Specialist?

The integrative cancer specialist will want to know about your symptoms, past medical history, and any concerns related to the cancer diagnosis. They may also wish to know whether you are in touch with a support system or have other individuals assisting you through this difficult time. The goal is for the specialist to assist you in finding and using alternative cancer therapies that are effective in helping you heal from cancer. A qualified integrative oncologist may also use therapies from the conventional world but with far less toxicity that does little to no harm to the body.

For example, an integrative cancer specialist may recommend acupuncture or massage therapy as a way of reducing anxiety and pain levels during treatment. No matter what the specialist recommends, it’s important to remember that you’re in charge of your treatment. Be sure to ask questions and discuss any concerns you have before moving forward with any new therapies. And if at any time you feel like the treatments are too much for you or you’d just like to talk about your feelings, don’t hesitate to call your specialist.

They Will Assess Your Emotional Needs And Provide Psychological Support 

Integrative cancer specialists work with the person’s primary physician to provide patients with the best possible care. They assess your emotional needs and provide psychological support during treatment, in addition to providing recommendations for complementary therapies such as acupuncture or meditation. 

This approach is especially beneficial for people whose treatment may require them to maintain a positive mental outlook throughout their course of treatment. An initial consultation can determine if this type of approach is right for you. You will need to answer questions about your health history and current symptoms, as well as discuss any goals you have for treatment and what you hope to gain from complementary therapies.

They May Also Offer Advice On How To Manage Stress Levels And Improve Quality Of Life 

It is common for cancer patients to seek alternative forms of cancer treatment. One such form, integrative oncology, combines alternative modalities with conventional methods to improve the patient’s quality of life and offer the best chance to heal from cancer naturally. Integrative specialists may also offer advice on how to manage stress levels and improve quality of life. 

A consultation with an integrative cancer specialist can help you decide which treatments might be most beneficial for your unique situation. Integrative medicine uses a variety of different techniques or practices that are designed to promote wellness by addressing the physical, mental, emotional, social/environmental, and spiritual aspects of true health at the same time.

They Recommend A Specific Treatment Plan Or Set Up A Follow-Up Appointment

Integrative cancer specialists will always use alternative cancer treatments all at once that do three things simultaneously. First, these treatments stop the production of cancer. Second, they target and eliminate cancer. And, thirdly, they stimulate and enhance the immune system so it is allowed to do its job which is to kill cancer cells. 

During the consultation, people can feel overwhelmed with all the information they’ve been given. However, qualified integrative oncologists break it down in a very simple and understandable way that leaves people feeling inspired and not in despair. The specialist may also provide a list of recommended reading material on integrative cancer therapies or other related topics. It’s important for patients to take their time in digesting all this new information and to ask as many questions as necessary to make an informed decision about their treatment.

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Many Different Types Of Complementary Therapies Such As Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, And Meditation

Cancer can be a debilitating condition that can take an emotional toll on the patient. As such, it’s important to consider both alternative cancer therapies in the treatment of cancer. There are many different types of complementary therapies that may be used to help the patient heal from cancer while doing no harm to the body. These include but are not limited to anxiety control, depression, stress reduction, improved sleep quality, and increased relaxation. Integrative Oncologists have training in both conventional medicine and alternative therapies for cancer which provides the best possible outcome for the patient.

The initial consultation is usually 60-90 minutes. During this time, the patient will answer questions about their medical history and presenting symptoms in order for the integrative specialist to determine which therapies would be most appropriate for that person’s needs. Treatments may include acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation/relaxation training, lymphatic drainage therapy, infrared sauna, colon hydrotherapy, ozone and hydrogen peroxide intravenous treatments, and other metabolic therapies depending on your specific needs.

The Session Typically Lasts Around 60 Minutes

It’s important to be aware that you’re not going to be able to fix everything during a 60-minute session with an integrative cancer specialist. In fact, the goal of the first meeting is often simply for both parties (patient and specialist) to get a sense of one another and see what needs attention. That said, by the end of your first session, you should feel like your questions have been answered and you are feeling inspired about the healing options that were discussed.

The more time spent together, the better the patient feels about their health restoration. So don’t worry if things seem overwhelming at the beginning! Things will become very clear on the healing path you have chosen working with an integrative oncologist as it aligns with nature.


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