What Is Toxemia Caused By?

What Is Toxemia Caused ByWhat Is Toxemia Caused By, It Is Quite Simple, Ingesting Or Inhaling Too Many Toxins Which Accumulate And Enter The Blood.

When toxins get into the body, a person is said to be intoxicated. And, for some reason, we think it only relates to alcohol. In answering what is toxemia caused by, it’s all toxins, not just alcohol.

When toxins get into the blood, it’s called toxemia. Now, there is also anemia which is when the blood is low. When women have heavy periods, they can be anemic. If a person has an ulcer and is bleeding internally, they can be anemic.

“Emia” refers to something in the blood. Toxins get into the blood in many different ways. They can come in from eating, drinking, breathing them in and through the skin. Once toxins get into the blood, they circulate and get into the tissues.

People take in toxins, they get into the blood and develop toxemia. Then, it gets deposited into the tissues and organs and this is called intoxicated or intoxication.

Let’s define what a toxin is, shall we. To do this, we first need to understand what the opposite of a toxin is. Something that is taken into the body or enters the body and is assimilated into the body’s blood and tissue is not a toxin.

Real whole food gets incorporated into our flesh and blood. We breathe in air, oxygen and nitrogen, and lots of other small gases. The oxygen gets incorporated into our cells and blood.

Anything that comes into your body that it can use as food or a nutrient will be assimilated. The word nutrient is a better word to use than the word food. Breathing in oxygen, the body can use an oxygen cell as a nutrient, so it doesn’t necessarily mean physical food.

What Is Toxemia Caused By And How Can We Prevent It?

People can drink water and water is a nutrient because the body will use the water. And, of course, nutrients do include food as well. Food will become a nutrient if it is whole, organic, and raw of course, otherwise, it becomes damaged from cooking it or spraying it with pesticides.

That which can be taken in and incorporated into the body is a nutrient. And, that which comes into the body and can’t be incorporated and needs to be eliminated is a toxin.

Toxins can be cooked foods where nutrients are destroyed. When whole foods are sprayed with insecticides, herbicides, or pesticides, these toxins get into the blood as well.

Toxins can be water that has fluoride which is a poison. Most sunscreens are toxic and are loaded with poisonous chemicals and rubbed onto the skin which lets toxins enter the blood.

We breathe in environmental toxins are well as we live our daily lives. These are the toughest to eliminate from entering the body as we can’t control what’s in the air.

We can, however, control, what we eat, what we drink, and what we put onto our skin. This is why it is so important to make wise decisions in these areas.

We can reduce toxins and keep them from accumulating in the body where they can do a lot of damage.

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