What Is The Purpose Of Blood?

what is the purpose of blood

The Purpose Of Blood Is To Perform Many Functions That Are Essential To Life.

Let’s review the purpose of blood? Blood transports gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide as well as various nutrients. It also helps rid the body of metabolic wastes, transports hormones, and many other things.

Our blood is transported in the vascular system, which is comprised of arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules, and then veins. The veins and the arteries are the macrocirculation and then we have the microcirculation.

Microcirculation is essentially the transport of oxygen to the cell. The oxygen then enters the cell and gets to the mitochondria so energy can be made. It’s important to remember if no energy is produced then a person has what’s called a flat line.

When you’re out of energy, the game’s over, life is over. Everything that people do in life needs to be about generating and keeping energy. The entire energy process must have blood flow as well as circulation.

Now, macrocirculation, this is the one that when you go to the cardiologist and you’re in the ICU, it is what they focus on, your macrocirculation. I like to shorten it down just to cardiac output which is about 7,200 liters of blood per day.

Blood Serves So Many Purposes In The Human Body That Are Needed To Live

That is a lot of blood, right? Okay. But that’s the macrocirculation and that’s what they worry about. They look at blood pressure, they look at pulse, and they look at all this stuff.

However, with microcirculation, there’s nothing they can do about it. Nothing. And it comprises seventy percent. Now, if the microcirculation shuts down, and the blood goes from the arteries to the veins. This is called a physiological shunt.

A term we use for this is “you’re shunting”. If this is the case and you’re getting a treatment of intravenous vitamin C which has good minerals in it, these minerals won’t be getting to the place that needs them the most.

This is why we have all of our patients do a BEMER treatment before getting any IV treatment or therapy. This helps tremendously with the microcirculation and having all the necessary nutrients and minerals get to where they are needed most for the benefit of the patient.

Bemer treatment is just one facet of our comprehensive cancer care program. We focus on stopping the production of cancer first, then targeting and eliminating cancer while doing no harm to the body. Finally, we work on strengthening the immune system so it can perform its job at the highest level.

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