What Is The Purpose Of Blood? https://drthomaslodi.com/what-is-the-… What is the purpose of blood? Blood has many functions and roles including the transport of gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide. It also transports nutrients and helps get rid of metabolic wastes. How is the blood transported in the vascular system? It is transported through veins, arteries, capillaries, and arterioles. The veins and the arteries are the macrocirculation. Microcirculation is essentially the transport of oxygen into the cell to the mitochondria so that energy can be made. Remember, if there is no energy then you have a flat line. When a person runs out of energy the game of life is over. Everything we do in life should be about getting and keeping energy. This whole energy process requires blood flow. It requires circulation. Macrocirculation is all that a cardiologist will look at when you’re in the ICU. The most important part is the cardiac output which is approximately 7,200 liters per day. That’s a lot of blood, right? That’s macrocirculation. They look at blood pressure, your pulse, etc. However, with microcirculation, there’s nothing they can do, and it comprises seventy percent. So, if your microcirculation is shut down, you go from the arteries to the veins. That’s called the physiological shunt. You’re shunting. In this case, even if you are getting a great iv of vitamin c, the minerals in it will not get to the place it needs to get to. That’s why all of our patients will do a BEMER before getting an IV. The BEMER helps with the microcirculation and therefore helps with the absorption of the nutrients and minerals from the IV. Dr. Thomas Lodi Institute of Integrative Oncology 51 Goldhill Plaza #07-10/11 Singapore 308900 +66 6 1251 9786 https://maps.google.com/?cid=16065579…    • Health and Disease      / @drthomaslodi   #whatisthepurposeofblood #thefunctionofblood #drthomaslodi

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