What Is The Function Of Receptors In Our Body?What Is The Function Of Receptors In Our Body And Are There Different Types?

We have different receptors on our cells for different reasons. For some receptors, the body makes that chemical and it fits perfectly on them. For other receptors, when we ingest a certain chemical such as cannabinoids which fit nicely on the receptors made specifically for this compound.

The structure of our red blood cells is very similar to that of the chlorophyll in plants. They are used to grab energy from light and transmute it into biological energy. Everything in nature and everything made by nature has value and utility.

We have photoreceptive cells in our blood. These cells are able to absorb light. No one has ever been able to answer why they are able to do this. Nature doesn’t make mistakes and everything in nature has a purpose and is useful.

Things don’t exist in nature unless they are necessary. Whether we like it or not, everything here is necessary. What do humans do? People walk around asking, is this better or is that better?

If we were to ask people which is better, up or down, men or women or day or night, what would be their answer? Well, the answer is, both are necessary. There is no “better”, there is no “good”, it’s all necessary.

Why is it necessary? Because it is. Why is it? Because God wants it to be. Our bodies were designed to eliminate toxins. What does this tell you about toxins? It tells you that they must be necessary. Otherwise, we would not have a mechanism already in existence to get rid of them.

What Is The Function Of Receptors In Our Body And Why Are There Different Types?

Why when people take in opium does it have a pleasurable effect on us that takes away pain and makes us mellow? In our body, we have receptors for opium. Why do we have receptors on our cells for opium?

This is because our bodies naturally make opium. In biochemistry and physiology, we call this endorphins. The word endorphin means “endo” meaning produced inside and “orphin” meaning endogenously produced morpheein.

We have opiate receptors all over our body. So, when we consume opiates it immediately goes to these receptors. It turns out we also have cannabinoid receptors all over our body. This is the chemical produced by marijuana and hemp.

Our body produces what are called endocannabinoids so when we take this compound in, it also goes all over our body including the brain. It turns out that everything that has a profound effect on us has receptors for that chemical.

If we don’t have receptors for something we ingest, what happens? We throw up. Our body gets really sick and sometimes, we die. This is why it is so important to ingest organic whole foods only and avoid anything processed or unnatural.

What we eat is far worse than smoking and that’s why it’s critical to eat a raw vegan whole food diet on a consistent basis.

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