What Is Iodine Used For In The Body

I’m Often Asked What Is Iodine Used For In The Body, Here’s The Answer.

A lot of people often ask about iodine supplementation. They ask about things such as how much and how often. They ask should they supplement with it at all and what is iodine used for in the body?

Vegans often ask can they get iodine through kelp? And, the fact that the oceans are so severely contaminated with radiation and pollutants, is it safe to take supplements?’
There is no question humans need iodine. There’s no doubt that we need iodine to be healthy. And without it, we would be dead so that tells you how important it is.

Is it possible to get the iodine we need from the ocean and what comes from it? Well, now that we have the Fukushima incident and trillions of tons of oil dumped in the oceans, etc. the question is, is it safe to eat out of the ocean?

The answer to that is it is probably safer to eat out of your toilet than to eat out of the ocean nowadays. If we’re going to continue to get iodine in a natural way, we’re going to have to start farming it on dry land.

People ask if kelp is safe, as it is from the ocean and has good iodine content. We are going to have to start farming it on land. To do that we’ll need to have to make lakes, saltwater lakes, and grow our own kelp or wakame.

There are lots of sea vegetables. In fact, the only people in the world that we know that have adequate amounts of iodine are Japanese and Koreans. They live according to their traditional lifestyles, and not the ones that have been Westernized.

There’s a well-known brand called Lugol’s solution, 5%. It is a combination of iodine, which is two i’s together which is molecular iodine, and there’s iodide, which is the ionic form of iodine.

These combined is what gives Lugol’s solution. You can either take the drops. You can get it at any compounding pharmacy. You can put four or five drops on your thighs and you’ll watch them absorb quickly.

What Is Iodine Used For In The Body, See Dr. Lodi Explain In This Video

When they stop absorbing so quickly, you know you’re starting to fill up your iodine tank. Or you can just put it in water and drink it. It doesn’t taste that good, but you can disguise it.

We also have to be careful with iodine because too much of it suppresses thyroid function. If someone were to have Grave’s disease, they would be hyper. It’s an autoimmune condition that’s hyperthyroid.

The easiest and safest way to control it is with excess iodine. Excess iodine will turn down the production of thyroid. It’s important to be careful with the dosage.

People should monitor it subtly, or you can monitor it with temperatures. Taking what we call basal body temperatures. Every morning, you take your temperature for five minutes.

Average that over a five to six-day period, and if you’re less than 97.8, you’re getting hypothyroid. You need to be between 97.8 and 98.6. That’s where you want to be. This is a good way of monitoring it yourself.

Besides Lugol’s, there’s something called Iodoral, which is basically Lugol’s in a pill form. And now, Lugol’s actually has a pill form. These are great ways of getting iodine which we definitely need.

We are all deficient in iodine and we’re all getting too much fluoride, chloride, and bromide. To help improve your health, get rid of baked goods and eat whole foods. Make sure your water is just water.

Make sure the water you drink has no chloride, fluoride, or any of those other things in it. The fewer of these poisons you have, and you make sure your iodine tank is topped off, the more you can ensure thyroid health.

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