What Is Food Either Fuel Or Poison

What Is Food?Only Humans Have To Discuss The Topic Of What Is Food?

Why is it that only human beings need to cover the subject of what is food? If a person is hungry and walks down the street, what do they see? That person would see restaurants!

People’s motivation affects their perception. We need to understand that we will only find what we are looking for and if we are hungry, that’s food.

In India, there is a saying that if a pickpocket meets a saint, all he sees are his pockets. It’s important that we distinguish the difference between appetite and hunger.

Appetites are developed by the age of three. The foundation of our appetite becomes augmented as we get older. As we age, our appetites become elaborate. Appetites are the polar opposite of hunger.

Hunger is non-specific and easily satisfied. Appetite is learned, specific, and never satisfied. Appetites are cravings, they give you that feeling of “I have to have that”!

When we are young, we are told, we have to develop a taste for it. Anything that a person has developed a taste for is a problem. And, the bigger problem is it represents almost everything we eat and ingest.

Another example is smoking. Smoking wasn’t pleasurable for people initially. The fact that it became pleasurable is an example of the divine flexibility of the human body.

Kids learned to eat what their parents stuck in their mouths. We are setting up neurological pathways that are so deep and rooted that we can never get them out.

Dr. Lodi Answers The Question What Is Food?

Now that we have this understanding, let’s discuss what is food. Food could easily be defined as a substance that once ingested can be incorporated into flesh and blood. This is a very simple and clear definition of what is food.

Conversely, whatever is ingested and brought into the body that can’t be incorporated becomes an impediment. This impediment or impediments need to be removed from the body. These impediments are called poisons.

The conversation now shifts to food versus poison. Poisons have different degrees have lethality. Smoking is a poison and very bad for you, however, it takes thirty years to negatively impact your health. That’s pretty mellow on the poison scale.

There are poisons a person can ingest where they would be dead in 10 minutes. The fact is more people are dying from what they eat than from smoking.

A vegan who smokes has the same risk of lung cancer as a non-vegan who doesn’t smoke. Smoking is an assault on the lungs and gets into the blood immediately and produces free radicals.

Free-radicals go around damaging things in the body. Food is actually incorporated, held, pocketed, and processed does so much more damage than smoking.

In answering the question of what is food, it is relative to the organism that is being discussed. If what is being eaten is easily incorporated into that organism, then it is in fact food. If it is not, then it is poison.

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