What Is An Estrogen Receptor

What Is An Estrogen Receptor (2)

What Is An Estrogen Receptor? https://drthomaslodi.com/ What is an estrogen receptor and how does it work? The estrogen receptor and the signal have the same frequency. They will be attracted to each other because of the same frequency. When the estrogen fits onto the estrogen receptor what happens is the frequencies are additive. It doesn’t cause it to break as it would glass. What it does is it causes the molecule, that protein to change. The reason the cell responds to an estrogen binding to an estrogen receptor is that it has the same frequency and it makes a change. It turns out and this has been proven in a lab, that if you send in the same energy waves as the estrogen, and in place of the estrogen, it has a 10X effect. Energy has a 10 times greater effect than the actual molecule of estrogen. The pure waveform that estrogen is holding is more powerful in terms of what happens to the receptor.    • Human Body Frequency Resonance      / @drthomaslodi  

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