What Is A Toxin https://drthomaslodi.com/what-is-toxe… What is a toxin and how do people minimize their exposure to them? A toxin is something that enters the body and can’t be absorbed and used naturally. It then needs to be eliminated from the body to prevent damage internally. Breathing in or ingesting toxins is what leads to toxemia. When they accumulate, they get into the blood and that’s when health issues arise. Toxins can enter the blood in various ways. People can ingest toxins from eating and drinking, inhaling them through the air as well as absorption through the skin. When toxins infiltrate the blood, they travel and enter the tissues. When toxins enter the body, they move into the blood and as a result, toxemia develops. It then settles within the tissues and subsequently, the organs. This is labeled as intoxication or intoxicated. Let’s drill down a little further on what a toxin is. First, we need to comprehend what the exact opposite is and work from there. A substance that enters the body and is absorbed into the blood, tissue, and organs would not be considered a toxin. True food will be absorbed and become part of the flesh and blood. We breathe in oxygen and nitrogen as well as various other smaller gases. Oxygen will be assimilated and enter our cells as well as blood and is not a toxin. A substance that enters and is incorporated into the body naturally is in fact called a nutrient. What enters and isn’t incorporated into the body is a toxin and must be eliminated as soon as possible. Examples of toxins are cooked foods. The nutrients are destroyed by cooking them and they become toxins. Foods that are doused with pesticides, herbicides or insecticides all these toxins to enter the bloodstream and tissues. Water with fluoride is a toxin. It’s a toxin because fluoride is a poison. The majority of sunscreens are loaded with toxins. People rub these sunscreens on their skin and toxins get into the blood. People have to make smarter decisions on what they eat, drink and rub on their skin. People must reduce the number of toxins entering the body and go through a detoxification regularly to prevent internal damage.    • Health and Disease      / @drthomaslodi  

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