What Is A Healthy Amount Of Fat Intake Per DayThe Question Of What Is A Healthy Amount Of Fat Intake Per Day Is Controversial And Comes Up Often.

So, let’s bring some clarity to what is a healthy amount of fat intake per day right now. I personally advocate a high-fat diet and I’m going to walk you through the reasoning for this here in this article.

And when I say high fat, I mean healthy fats coming from seeds, oils, nuts, fruits like avocado, etc. The healthy fats I recommend do not include animal fats at all. The amount of essential fat in humans is anywhere from 2% to 5% in men and 10% to 13% in women.

Essential fat means the amount of fat we need to buffet organs, etc. Consider that the brain is about 3 lbs. and 60% fat. That fat is not usable fat for fuel for the body, that fat is the covering of the brain itself.

We have approximately 100 trillion cells in our body although no one really knows the exact number. Each cell has a membrane and that membrane is 50% lipid, lipid is the term for fat. It is the membrane of the cell that translates what is going on around the cell to the inside mechanisms of the cell.

This means whether or not the cell should contract or excrete or digest, etc, and the membrane needs to signal the nucleus to produce a particular protein. In other words, turn a gene on or turn a gene off.

Here we are reminded that the control of the cell is not from the nucleus but from the outside and the part of the cell that controls it from the outside is the membrane. The membrane is the brain and provides the perception of what’s going on from the outside and what’s needed on the inside.

The membranes composition must be in complete health in order to have the health of the individual. What the membrane is made of is dependent on what is available to it in that extracellular fluid, the fluid that bathes the cells.

What Is A Healthy Amount Of Fat Intake Per Day At A Minimum, 30% For Maintenance

We need to be having the healthy fats that are absolutely necessary for the functioning of that membrane. Consider that there are one hundred trillion cells and that we need to make sure that they are healthy.

Now, let’s assume that we are starting from an average diet and we need to now get healthy. The first thing we need to do is clean out that fluid and we can do that through juicing, fasting, colonics, and various other things.

We need to change the membranes to become healthy and highly functional and we can only do that by supplying lots of fats. It takes about 9 months of a high-fat diet where approximately 50% of your daily intake of food is through healthy fats.

You will live quite well from this diet as every cell can use healthy fats for fuel. The result is changing over all the cells in our body where all are optimally functioning.  At that point after the 9 months, I recommend people drop down to 30-40% fat as a percentage of their daily consumption.

At a minimum for a healthy and balanced diet, 30% of your daily consumption of food should come from healthy fats.

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