What Is A Cancer Prevention Program, And Does It Require Changing Your Lifestyle?

Well, the answer to that question is, it depends on your current lifestyle. Dr. Thomas Lodi has a cancer prevention program that helps restore one’s health as well as prevent cancer. What is needed to help a sick person become well is also needed for them to stay well.

For example, if a person smokes and is sick, then obviously, they need to quit smoking. Also, the person would need to keep from smoking to remain well. People can’t become well if they continue to smoke.

In order to stay healthy, stop smoking altogether. Some people ask silly questions such as how long do I need to keep from smoking, just until I’m well? Look, if your goal is to keep breathing then stop smoking period.

Whatever it takes for a sick person to become well must be maintained in order to remain in good health. This is just the way it is, no way around it.

What is a cancer prevention program? In the simplest terms, people need to return to nature. They need to go to sleep earlier as humans are diurnal creatures. When the sun is setting is the perfect time to head to bed. Make this a part of your lifestyle.

A Cancer Prevention Program Needs To Be Rooted In Nature

If you are staying up late consistently, eating fast food, smoking, and drinking alcohol, then a lifestyle changeover is what is needed. When you go to bed when the sun sets and wake up as the sun is coming up you set yourself up for restorative sleep.

If you are not sleeping soundly, use melatonin and other natural hormones to help correct that.  Then, when you wake up early start with meditation, prayer, some reading, and of course exercise.

Proper nutrition is key to good health. It’s important to limit your meals to twice a day. Upon waking up, fast until noontime and have a healthy plant-based organic lunch. Then eat again at 5:00 pm in the early evening. Try not to eat three to four hours prior to going to bed.

What you eat matters. People need to consume nutrient-dense plant-based food. The purpose of food is to fuel the body and supply nutrients that help make energy and body parts.

If you eat food without any nutrition what you are consuming are empty calories that have no value and do you no good. The human body needs these nutrients to function at an optimal level.

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