What Happens When You Don’t Dream https://drthomaslodi.com/ What happens when you don’t dream at night? REM or rapid eye movement is dreaming. When this happens, the mind is restored. Restorative sleep restores the body and dreams restore the mind! Your mind has to deal with all the little things that happen to you throughout the day. For example, your boss says something to you that you don’t like, or someone cuts you off in traffic, but you don’t say anything. All these little things you don’t say anything about, you just keep them inside. Then you say things that you shouldn’t have said and end up regretting it. You don’t have the time or desire to deal with these things. So, they accumulate. This is what dreaming helps with. Dreaming is all about your hopes, your goals, your plans, and significant memories. All of this is stored in there. When you go to sleep, it’s just like a tea kettle. You put it on and you go in the other room and when you hear the whistle you know it’s time to go turn it off to let the steam off. If you put the top on the kettle and left it there, it would explode. This is exactly what happens to us when we don’t dream. They have sleep labs where they wake people up when they are dreaming. These people still get a total of 8 hours of sleep but by the second day, they are ready to kill the person that just woke them up. People who don’t dream end up screaming at flies!    • Stilling The Mind In Meditation   #whathappenswhenyoudontdream #remsleep #drthomaslodi

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