What Happens To The Metabolic Rate Of Someone With Cancer? https://drthomaslodi.com/stop-making-… What happens to the metabolic rate of someone with cancer? Dr. Thomas Lodi will explain in this video. Let’s start with what’s happens with cancer. It is important to understand that the fundamental thing that all cells must do is to make energy. The cell takes in something from the environment and converts it to energy and then uses that energy for its metabolic function. This is what represents “being alive”. When you can no longer take in energy and utilize it, you’re dead. Every cell in our body is taking in glucose, oxygen, and other things and it goes into these little organelles, called mitochondria. The mitochondria are the energy producers. They take the glucose and oxygen, and they perform magic, they perform alchemy and turn it into what’s called ATP or Adenosine triphosphate. ATP is the currency of energy. Every cell, every enzyme that needs energy grabs ATP’s and removes that final phosphate, and then had free energy. That’s where energy comes from. The ATP’s carry it around. With a healthy cell or a cell that is functioning normally, those mitochondria will take one glucose molecule and six oxygen’s, and that one glucose molecule becomes 38 ATP’s. That’s a pretty good yield. What is happening today is people are living lives where they are exposed to EMF’s, 5G, the water we are drinking has harmful chemicals in it, the air we are breathing is not clean, the clothing we are wearing is not organic and we are absorbing things through our skin, our food is not organic, and on top of all that, we are stressed! All these things combine and conspire to damage cells. The part of the cell that is most vulnerable is the mitochondria. The mitochondria have oxygen in there and oxygen is flammable on a biochemical level which means it produces free radicals. When enough of the mitochondria, 35%-40% become inactivated then the cells must go use another mode of energy production. Remember, energy is the fundamental thing a cell must make. If it doesn’t have the energy, then it can’t even hold its shape. Once the cells’ ability to make energy is diminished then they must adapt. That adaptation is to start fermenting. If those mitochondria are gone and the cells can’t go back to using the mitochondria, then it is stuck fermenting and that is cancer. This is what happens to the metabolic rate of someone with cancer. Therefore, we have our School of Health online video series so people can learn how to reverse this process and heal from cancer. Our School of Health 8-hr online video series course provides all the basic, fundamental knowledge and tools to stop making cancer. You’ll learn that mental and emotional wellbeing are essential to healing, along with a natural diet and healthy eating practices, appropriate sleep, and regular, consistent body movement (kinesiology).’ In this video series, you will discover the natural path back to your birthright – optimal health. Dr. Thomas Lodi Institute of Integrative Oncology https://drthomaslodi.com/    • School of Health and Long Life   #whathappenstothemetabolicrateofsomeonewithcancer #metabolicrateandcancer #drthomaslodi

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