What Foods Should We Eat https://drthomaslodi.com/perfect-food… What foods should we eat? This is a very important question because eating is something we do every day. Wheatgrass is the best food for human beings on the planet. And, it’s not only for human beings, it’s for some of the strongest and most powerful animals on the planet; horses, oxen, elephants, and hippo’s to name a few. Grass is their main source of food. When people like to eat dead animals, what do they like to eat? They eat a grass-fed corpse of a dead animal and then they think they’ll be really healthy. My thought was, why don’t we become grass-fed. All of the most powerful animals on the planet with the most endurance and that live the longest eat grass as their main source of food. What is food depends on what species you are talking about. If you look at the universe, everything is consuming something. The universe is this interconnected mass of consuming elements. And, whatever it’s consuming, it’s converting to energy. Eating is an exchange of energy and if you want to say what is food for us, then you have to say what are we? We have to define what we are to know what food is, so what are we? It turns out we are land mammals and we happen to be in a group called primates. In fact, we are in a subgroup of primates called hominids. Other hominids are gorillas, chimps and orangutans, that’s it.    • What Is The Best Food To Eat      / thomaslodimd  

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