What Does Wheatgrass Do For You https://drthomaslodi.com What does wheatgrass do for you and why you should be consuming it regularly. Here is a list of the most vital benefits of consuming wheatgrass. It alkalizes the body and helps with greater absorption of all nutrients. Wheatgrass provides superior benefits in alkalizing the body. The absorption of vital nutrients is vastly improved. In order to prevent cancer from happening an alkaline environment is critical in the body. Chlorophyll is primary reason that acidosis can be prevented. It helps balance the pH level of the body naturally. It also helps protect our cells. Chlorophyll also provides anti-aging benefits like more youthful skin as well as helping maintain a healthy body weight. Another benefit of wheatgrass is its antioxidant capabilities. It helps to reduce free radicals which create havoc internally. It slows the process of aging and development of diseases. Wheatgrass strengthen the immunity system and the prevention of cancer. Recent studies have shown anti-cancer potential. It has the ability to create apoptosis. Apoptosis is the normal and natural death of a cell. Wheatgrass helps in reducing side effects of chemo treatments. Noted side effects it helps reduce are nutritional deficiencies, fatigue and poor nutrient absorption. The heart as well as blood vessels are supported by the intake of wheatgrass. It helps lower high cholesterol levels and also triglyceride levels. People visiting An Oasis of Healing immediately begin a twenty one day juicing feast as well as provided wheatgrass shots daily. This has fantastic anti-cancer as well as healing benefits. Green juice feasting complimented with wheatgrass comprises just one element of many as part of our comprehensive cancer care program. Call us directly at 480-834-5414 if you or a family member or friend are unsure of where to start in dealing with cancer.    • Food and Cancer      / @drthomaslodi  

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