What Does Intermittent Fasting Mean And How Can You Use It For Your Benefit HealthWise?  

Intermittent fasting translates simply to mean “healthy eating”. It is what is happening in nature all of the time. No animal eats daily in nature, it just doesn’t happen.

Animals may eat for two straight days and then go an entire week without eating. And, they certainly do not eat 3 meals a day.

Animals that live in the wild have the benefit of having their body cleansed on a continuous basis. The body is only able to cleanse itself when food is stopped from being eaten. The major benefits start to kick in after 72 hours of fasting.

Animals in nature don’t eat continuously. This was not an accident by God. God doesn’t make mistakes. This wasn’t done for entertainment. God wouldn’t want the animals to starve. This defines the process for cleansing.

Healthy eating is intermittent fasting and vice-versa. That is the meaning of intermittent fasting, healthy eating. If you eat once a day that is healthy. Unfortunately, society has been led to believe this isn’t healthy and that you have to eat every 2 hours. This is nonsense.

Defining Intermittent Fasting Or More Accurately Healthy Eating

When we analyze a human cell we see that it contains a nucleus, mitochondria, lysosomes, ribosomes, and an outer membrane. The lysosomes are what clean things up. The human cell has various kinds of organelles inside the cell which help create its functionality.

These lysosomes help clean up the garbage. They are the recyclers of the garbage. When a person stops consuming food, true cleansing and healing can begin. Autophagy defines this process.

Consuming a single meal daily is healthy eating. This needs to be taught more not only in schools but in the medical profession as well. The majority of doctors don’t know this and don’t practice this.

Also, what you eat is just as important as how often. If you do opt for eating just once a day, that doesn’t mean you can eat pizza, chicken wings, and burgers. Eating a plant-based raw vegan diet is just as important as eating once a day.

If you practice healthy eating daily, your body will be in constant cleaning mode. This lends itself to true health and helps prevent putting your body into any kind of health crisis.

We teach this at An Oasis of Healing. When you come to see us, you become an active participant during your treatments and therapies. We do this so when your health is restored and you return home, you know the exact lifestyle you need to live to help avoid any future health crisis.

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