what causes toxemia

What Causes Toxemia, The Things That We Put In Our Bodies That Can’t Be Used By The Body.

The fundamental word here is “tox”. Tox stands for toxin, we know toxins are poisons. When a toxin gets into you, you are said to be intoxicated. For some reason, we only think that means alcohol.

However, you can become intoxicated with anything toxic. When it gets into your blood, it’s called toxemia. People are familiar with the word anemia, and some people have it. That means their blood is low.

If women have heavy periods, they can be anemic. If a person has an ulcer and you’re bleeding internally, they could be anemic. If a person has colon cancer, they could bleed internally and be anemic.

The part of the word is “emia”. Emia refers to something in the blood. When toxins enter the body, whether you have eaten them, drank them, breathed them in, absorbed them through the skin, however they get in, they get to the blood and then they circulate and get into the tissues.

To Recap, A Person Takes A Toxin In, It Enters The Blood, And This Is What Causes Toxemia.

Then it gets deposited into my tissues and organs. This is called intoxication or being intoxicated.

Now we need to define what we are talking about. What is a toxin? In order to understand what a toxin is, we first have to understand what the opposite of a toxin is.

 Something that is not a toxin is when you can take it into your body, and it is incorporated into your flesh and blood. It becomes part of your system.

Real food does this as it is incorporated into your flesh and blood. You breathe air in and you have oxygen, nitrogen, and lots of other smaller gases. The oxygen gets incorporated into your blood and cells

Anything that comes into your body that your body can use as food or a nutrient. Using nutrient is a better word than food because when we think of food we think of chewing, however, oxygen is also a nutrient.

That which can be taken in and incorporated into my body is a nutrient. And, that which comes into my body that can’t be incorporated is a toxin.

Cooked Food Is Also Part Of What Causes Toxemia

Cooked food becomes a toxin entering the body. Look up the Fenton Reaction to understand what happens to food when it is cooked. Most foods are either sprayed with toxins or bathed in them i.e. herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, etc.

The fluoride in our water is a poison and therefore a toxin. The sun is not the enemy, sunscreens are. Read the label on your sunscreen, know what you are buying. Look at the ingredients, if you can’t pronounce it, don’t buy it.

Rubbing sunscreen on your skin is getting toxins directly into the blood so avoid that at all costs. We are dealing with enough toxins in the air, we don’t need to be adding to it.

Eat a clean healthy diet of raw vegan food so you know you are ingesting only pure healthy nutrients and no toxins. Food is fuel for the body, food is not meant to pleasure your tongue.


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