What Causes Inflammation In The Body http://drthomaslodi.com What causes inflammation in the body and why do we need to be aware of this? Well, for one, the body really knows what it’s doing. We need to have clear understanding on this important point. It is not that we are going to let nature heal our body, our bodies are nature and they are fixing themselves. Our bodies are self-healing mechanisms and they will heal themselves. For example, aches and pains are important as they are telling us that inflammatory reactions are going on right now. Inflammation is the fundamental way in which healing occurs. The fours cardinal signs of inflammation are; Red Hot Painful Swollen You bang your finger with a hammer and it gets red, hot, swollen and it’s painful and then in 3-4 days it’s back to normal. Inflammation is necessary for healing. The body has a balancing system that works perfectly. We have two fats that are essential. We have Omega 6’s that produce inflammation and Omega 3’s are anti-inflammatory. We must have a balance, just like our blood, we have clotting and dissolving clots. When you have a cut, there is a clot immediately to help stop the bleeding but then the clot needs to go away or there will be other issues arising. In every part of our body, we have a yin and yang for balance. Conversely, what we do not want is chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation in the coronary arteries results in a heart attack, and in the brain results in a stroke. Why do people have chronic inflammation because inflammation is the response to an irritation. An irritation could be consistently eating processed foods, always smoking, always drinking alcohol, what people need to do is stop the irritation that leads from normal inflammation to chronic inflammation.    • Nature Heals      / @drthomaslodi  

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