Before We Get To What Causes Electrons To Move, Here’s A Quick Science Refresher: What Are Electrons?

Electrons are “subatomic particles that orbit the nucleus of an atom.” We know that they are “generally” negatively charged. But did you also know that electrons are crucial for the bonding of individual atoms? So, what causes electrons to move?

This chemical bonding is crucial to the energy cycle, including generating energy for various bodily functions. Electrons play an important role because atoms can only bond if the outermost orbit of the atom has room to share or receive electrons.

In a new video, integrative oncology and metabolic medicine expert Dr. Thomas Lodi discusses the factors that cause electrons to move and how they get into the body.

“Alkaline water moving across the earth moves electrons and helps get them into the body,” he said. “Not from the alkaline water machines, but from nature. The best water you can get is spring water. It is bubbling up from the earth, so full of life. Alkalinity is just like an antioxidant. It’s an electron donor.”

Naturally, alkaline water is created when water passes over rocks, like in springs. When this happens, the water picks up minerals that increase its alkaline level.

One study found that drinking alkaline water can help deactivate the main enzyme that causes acid reflux. Others suggest that it has notable benefits for people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Raw Food Creates Electrons And Causes Them To Move

Another “source” of electrons for the body is uncooked food. Dr. Lodi explained, “Uncooked food carries voltage whereas cooked food requires your body’s voltage to digest the food.

Have you ever noticed after you have eaten, you don’t feel like running around a lot? Observe the person that ate a salad versus a person that ate meatloaf and potatoes. Look at who has the energy between the two.”

Cooking or the processing of food can cause it to lose electrons, which removes possible “life-giving chemical reactions.” This is why a raw food diet is beneficial in achieving optimum health and preventing or recovering, from many degenerative health conditions.

Dr. Lodi teaches that a raw plant-based diet is a key and a proven effective, component of his renowned comprehensive cancer care program. He furthered, “Eating this way is full of life and vibrant, giving the body exactly what it needs.”

Dr. Lodi cited other ways to get electrons moving and into the body. Take your shoes off and feel the earth beneath you. Go out and savor the sunshine. Touch moving water—in a river or if you can, in an ocean. Even taking a shower, stroking your pet and hugging can work simple wonders for the body.

“Hugging another person is another wonderful way we get electrons. When you’re hugging someone else, you know when the hug is finished as you are both equilibrated,” he added.

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