What Causes Electrons To Move?

What Causes Electrons To Move

What Causes Electrons To Move? https://drthomaslodi.com/what-causes-… What causes electrons to move and how do they get into the body? Alkaline water moving across the Earth moves electrons and helps get them into the body. Not from the alkaline water machines, but from nature. The best water you can get is spring water. It is bubbling up from the Earth so full of life. It’s like a ripe banana. What’s the difference between a green banana and a ripe banana? A well is a green banana and a spring is a ripe banana. The water is so ripe it is climbing up and coming out. It is full of energy and as it’s going across the Earth it is grabbing all of those minerals and it’s truly alkaline. Alkalinity is just like an antioxidant. It’s an electron donor. Uncooked food carries voltage where cooked food requires your body’s voltage to digest the food. That’s an enormous difference. Have you ever noticed after you have eaten, you don’t feel like running around a lot? Observe the person that ate a salad versus a person that ate meatloaf and potatoes. Look at who has the energy between the two. The person that had the meatloaf and potatoes needs a couple of glasses of wine to feel good. The person who ate the salad feels so good, they just need water. Touching the Earth gets electrons moving and into the body. Taking your shoes off and touching the Earth. Sunshine is an electron donor. Touching moving water, being next to a river or the ocean. Even taking a shower. A shower is more invigorating than a bath. You might take a bath at night to get sleepy and help go to sleep. Touching other livings things which is why people have pets, especially single people or people living alone. They get electrons from their pets. Hugging another person is another wonderful way we get electrons and how they move. When you’re hugging someone else, you know when the hug is finished as you are both equilibrated. This is why eating a raw vegan plant-based diet is so important for health. Eating this way is full of life and vibrant giving the body exactly what it needs. This is an important piece of our comprehensive cancer care program.    • Human Body Frequency Resonance   #whatcauseselectronstomove #whatcauseselectronstoflowfreely #drthomaslodi

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