what cancer teaches us about lifeWhat Cancer Teaches Us About Life Is To Wake Up And Realize Just How Important Health Is To Our Survival.

Part of a great prevention plan when talking about cancer is being around a community of people who are all aware of how critically important health is. This is what cancer teaches us about life and we need to pay attention to it.

Most of us don’t get reminded until we get tapped on the shoulder. We need that tap on the shoulder that says something serious is happening now and that’s the wake-up call that makes us say wait, I guess I should attend to my health.

Here’s an interesting experiment to try and see where people stand on their health. Ask the people you spend time with if they make a list of things that they need to do for the day. Or simply ask what’s on your agenda. Then, ask to see their lists or agenda if see where “health” is on there.

What you will find is most people don’t put health on their list. Here’s the irony of it, if you don’t put health on your list or agenda, it will find its way to the top. You will find yourself consumed with it. Either being in an alternative cancer treatment center or sitting in doctor’s offices where sick people are walking out with bags of pills or undergoing surgeries.

What Cancer Teaches Us About Life Is To Not Wait For That Tap On the Shoulder

You quickly wind up spending your whole life being consumed with being sick unless you start to attend to your health. What cancer, heart disease, and all these conditions should teach us is to wake up. Life is pretty serious and a lot of fun but it has its serious things and requirements. It turns out that we are biological entities.

Being biological entities means that we actually have a function on the planet. We have certain things that we do and part of those things that we do, part of any creature’s function is what it eats. What do creatures do, they engage in survival behaviors. And when we are not engaged in survival behaviors, that’s when we have leisure.

What the modern world has done is take away leisure and what you wind up with is not a lot of fun in life. I don’t think people are actually having fun at malls. They are spending their hard-earned money on things that they probably don’t even need.

Our society is turned upside down where people believe you have to be young, beautiful, rich, and thin. And if you’re getting away from these things that you are supposed to be then life becomes less fun. All of this leads to anxiety. Our culture doesn’t allow for real leisure as we are working all the time with people having 2-3 jobs.

Animals Are In Bliss When Not Engaged In Survival Behavior

what cancer teach us about life

Any organism’s basic behavior is survival. For example, let’s look at a giraffe. It’s usually busy foraging and when it’s not it’s just hanging out and that’s when they are in bliss. Animals are in bliss when they are not engaged in survivor behavior.

When humans grow up in our current culture, we don’t get the basic essentials in or for life. Here’s one essential of life that we aren’t taught, what the body needs to stay alive. What’s poison and what’s not poison. Learn why it is essential to go to sleep early and that we would actually have more fun the next day if we did.

We don’t learn these things in our culture. Our culture doesn’t teach us how to take care of this earth suit we are living in. We are not taught about our phycology. It is very important to touch, people need to touch and we are not taught this. The same with hugs, they are very important.

When we get cancer or other conditions it’s because we have grown up in a completely artificial world and we have no idea what our earth suit or human body is and how to take care of it. We don’t even know that we are in a body, we think we are a body. Society doesn’t put it all together, doesn’t integrate it, and doesn’t understand how to live.

We don’t know how to live in a way that is genuine and authentic and that will satisfy our spirit. We should be thriving in old age, not suffering. If we learned these things, we would be thriving at any age. And so we have to be reminded of this with a tap on the shoulder and sometimes it’s a punch to wake us up!



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