The Health Benefits Of Drinking Green Juice Are Life Changing

Drinking 32 ounces of green vegetable juice will provide more nutrition than the average American receives in six months to a year. This article will cover why every person should be including green juice feasting into their diet on a consistent basis.

Health is the optimal functioning of the organism and is obtained ONLY by living within the biological laws that govern human beings, Homo sapiens.

If one desires to build a house or anything else, three basic things are required….the blue print (plan), the materials and someone to do the work.  This is as true for biological entities as it is for inanimate objects.

Well, we already have the blue print, our DNA, which requires that all we have to do is supply the appropriate raw materials and energy to renew or regenerate the approximate 100 trillion cells that constitute our bodies.

With millions of cells dying and being replaced and all the others engaged in countless numbers of reactions every minute, it is not possible to estimate the quantity of biochemical reactions occurring our bodies each minute.  But, suffice it to say, these processes require a constant flood of materials (nutrients), including all the macromolecules and micro-nutrients necessary for these reactions to occur, in addition to oxygen, water and sunlight.

Healthy Fats Are Essential To Maintain Optimal Functioning Of The Membrane

When the appropriate materials are not available, substitutes are utilized or incorporated into these reactions and processes.  For example, the membranes, which constitute the “skin” of every cell require phospholipids (‘fat’).  If the appropriate substances (omega-3 and omega-6, etc) are not available, oxidized (rancid) fats or “stiff” (trans-fatty acids) are incorporated.  The result is a poorly, malfunctioning membrane.  This homeostatic imperative to maintain the integrity of the entire organism, utilizes whatever it has available to it in order maintain operational functioning of the whole. 

Clearly, we have all been raised with differing appetites so that the materials we make available to our organism for homeostasis (functional integrity) varies from useful (nutrient) to non-useful (poison).  Consequently, as our cells are regenerated with defective materials, the functions required by them are not able to proceed. 

As these defective cells continue to be produced, organ function deteriorates and what is known as, ‘chronic disease’ ensues.  We have many names for the heroic attempts our bodies engage in to make due with poor or unusable materials and these names constitute what are termed, “diagnoses”.

The solution to “disease” then becomes obvious when viewed from this perspective.  Assist the body in expelling all of the inappropriate materials and ensure that appropriate materials are made available.  Quite simple, actually.

Green Juicing Floors The Body With Essentail Nutrients

The quickest way that this can be achieved is to literally flood the body with nutrients by taking more raw materials than could be eaten in a day and turn them into juice so that they can be consumed.  One quart of fresh vegetable juice provides more nutrition than the average American gets in six months to one year.  So, if one drinks several quarts per day, the body has abundant materials to perform its’ work. 

The necessity of assisting in the removal (“detox”) of unusable materials also becomes obvious to one with a clear understanding of how biological entities function.  The activities that one can incorporate to assist in this regard include, but are not limited to colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage techniques (including exercise), yoga, proper and adequate sleep (renewal of organs of elimination).

A fellow from the West coast of the United States came to our center with stage 4 lung cancer, which carries an extremely dismal prognosis.  He drank 4 to 5 quarts per day of fresh, green vegetable juice and within five weeks a PET scan was unable to detect any active cancer.  The same has occurred with stage-4 pancreatic cancer, as well as every other cancer, albeit in differing amounts of time.  Of course this is not all that they were doing, but those who do not happily and gratefully do a green juice feast do not get these results. 

Green Juice Feasting Allows Healing To With All Other Chronic Conditions

The same rate and depth of healing occurs with all other chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, digestive malfunctions, and others.

Since fasting, as it usually is referred to means to take into the body nothing but water, we refer to juicing, without eating as, “juice feasting” since it results in a mega amounts of nutritional substances being made available for renewal and regeneration.


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