Ways To Breathe Better Through Meditation https://DrThomasLodi.com There are several ways to breathe better through meditation. The most fundamental way to meditate without having to have a mantra given to you is the mantra being spoken in all of us all the time. It is the mantra associated with being alive which is called “breathe”. Respiration and respire means to breathe. It has two components, inspiration and expiration. A person inspires and expires. The moment of your inspiration is when you are born and you die when you expire. In between your first inspiration and your last expiration is something we call “life”. The proper way to breathe is to sit up and you don’t want to be tired because it is not a time for sleeping. Then you’re going to listen to your breathe. You’re not going to breathe because again breathing is like thinking, like your heart beating. It is not a conscious voluntary process. You really need to listen to your breathe and listen only. The breathing that you should be doing is comparable to lying beside a person who is in a deep sleep. When you are in a deep sleep you are totally at peace. Ways to breathe better through meditation. Breathe properly and sleep peacefully.    • Stilling The Mind In Meditation      / @drthomaslodi  

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