Water Enema Benefits https://drthomaslodi.com/the-benefits… What are water enema benefits? The biggest benefit is keeping your colon clean. Having a clean colon is the key to true health. It is best to clean your bowels out in the morning instead of it being on your mind throughout the day and just take care of it right, there. Learn how to do good enemas. If you look around the animal world, all animals are having bowel movements all day. If you want to know what “not constipated” means, just walk behind a horse for a half hour. We are all constipated. If you are having a bowel movement once a day, that is not enough. If you consider that your colon is five feet long and you have one bowel a day, even if it is a large one, you still have too much left in the colon. The colon is connected to veins that drain it and go coalescent to one big vein called the portal vein that goes back to the liver. This is called autointoxication. Your taking all your wastes from your feces and it’s going right back into your liver every four minutes. This clearly illustrates why water enemas are important to do on a consistent basis to prevent this from happening. If you go to a good dentist, they have a dental hygienist and the hygienist teaches people how to floss properly. What is the goal of the dental hygienist? They tell you that if you floss with consistency, you’ll never have to see the dentist. We call this dental hygiene. Well, I consider the enema as medical hygiene. If you keep your colon clean, you’ll never have to see a doctor.    • Health and Disease   #waterenemabenefits #waterenemahealthbenefits #drthomaslodi

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