Vitamin C Therapy For Cancer http://drthomaslodi.com How important is vitamin C therapy for cancer? The short answer is it is incredibly important as it is effective in targeting and eliminating cancer cells while no harm comes to regular healthy cells. We would suffer from nutritional deficiencies without it such as a syndrome called scurvy. In order for collagen to be produced vitamin C is needed for this to happen. The firmness of our skin and what causes it to keep from sagging is collagen. If we had a consistent lack of collagen production our gum tissues would be bleeding. Vitamin C can be obtained from fruits as well as several different types of plants. Oranges are well known providers of this essential vitamin; however, limes and lemons are excellent providers as well. Vitamin C also plays a key role as a powerful anti-oxidant. What is an antioxidant? It’s a lowering agent whose job is to give away electrons. When an electron deficiency exists it goes to work providing electrons where needed. Then you have what are called atoms. Free radicals that contain an electron deficiency are atoms. Free radicals create internal damage as they make their way around the body seeking electrons. Not only do they manufacture mutations, but they also create openings in membranes. When an anti-oxidant provides a hungry free radical an electron that is what satisfies it and helps prevent further damage. High doses of vitamin c administered intravenously have been proven scientifically to swiftly provide electrons to free radicals. A Fenton reaction is created when iron and cooper which are two prevalent minerals meet vitamin c. Hydrogen peroxide is produced when vitamin c gives an electron to iron. As a result of the genetic expression of cancer cells being altered, oxygen is no longer used which prevents antioxidant enzymes from being produced. What this tells us is the cancer cells no longer contain catalase. Now, here’s the cool part, when peroxide comes in contact with cancer cells, they are destroyed. They are eliminated because cancer cells no longer have the catalase required to counter the peroxide. The best part is healthy cells are untouched as they do have the catalase to neutralize it which changes the peroxide into H2O and oxygen which healthy cells are fine with. Vitamin c therapy for cancer administered intravenously is wonderful for healthy cells and deadly to the cancer cells. It’s a perfect combination that eliminates cancer cells.    • Metabolic Medicine An Overview      / @drthomaslodi  

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