Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation https://drthomaslodi.com/uvbi-treatment/ What is ultraviolet blood irradiation and how does it work? Ultraviolet blood irradiation or UBI has been used since 1919. Anyone who has cancer should be utilizing this effective therapy as part of their healing protocol. Dr. George Miley, who was a practicing surgeon in Philadelphia at the Hahnemann hospital in the 1930’s, really helped to legitimize UBI. Dr. Miley did a study using UBI which revealed the benefits of this treatment. So, how does ultraviolet blood irradiation work? The blood is withdrawn from the body and after that exposed to ultraviolet light. The blood flows right back into the body and assists in cleansing the remainder of the blood. Post-treatment, all of the blood is then powered up to help the immune system. A red blood cell is almost identical to the structure of chlorophyll when reviewing the real molecular structure of blood. Chlorophyll is exactly what makes plants green and that which is involved in photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the sunlight hitting the plant then turning the light into energy, which results in the creation of glucose. In order to do this, the chlorophyll should have a molecular structure that is photosensitive. To put it simply, it has the ability to grab and also hold onto light as well as utilize it. This is all a result of the structure of the particle. Our hemoglobin has the exact same structure so it grabs the light being that it’s a photosensitive or photoreceptive molecule and utilizes it to produce power as well as many various other functions. Among the many various other functions it does is stimulates the manufacturing of hydrogen peroxide. Ultraviolet blood irradiation additionally promotes oxygen usage and also it stimulates our natural defense system, the immune system, in a highly effective way. UBI additionally helps in eliminating bacteria in the blood.    • Alternative and Comprehensive Treatments      / @drthomaslodi  

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