Turning Genes On And Off https://drthomaslodi.com Can we actually be in control of turning genes on and off? Yes, we can. Let’s talk about how we are able to do this. Genetics are the blueprint of the entire body. In each individual cell, by the time it differentiates during its embryonic transformation where it either becomes a liver cell, a brain cell, a skin cell, etc. Once it differentiates, that’s all it will do. What a cell does or what it expresses genetically is based on the environment it is in. If we take a stem cell and put it in a heart, it’s going to become a heart. If we put a stem cell in a liver or a brain, that is what it will become. What is determining what the stem cell becomes? Is it the nucleus or DNA? No, the nucleus is the library of potential responses. What actually determines what a cell does is its environment or it’s epigenetics. Epigenetics means the layer again our genes, “epi” meaning above. The way that we get information is through our senses and senses are appendages of the skin. The interpretation of our environment and our ability to interact with it is determined by our senses. Our skin is interpreting the environment. It’s interpreting electromagnetic frequencies, sound frequencies, etc. The cell has over one hundred thousand receptors. The cell can only bring in information for which it has a receptor for specifically. The cells respond to the environment it is in either by upregulating or downregulating a particular process. It does this by turning genes on and off, expressing and unexpressing genes.    • Metabolic Medicine An Overview      / @drthomaslodi  

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