to eat or not to eatTo Eat Or Not To Eat That Is The Question.

And the answer is, it is just as important not to eat as it is to eat. When we stop eating and the flow of glucose stops entering the cell, a little system of organelles called lysosomes begins recycling.  The answer to the question to eat or not to eat is, both are needed.

However, we are going to focus on the “not to eat” side of things in this article. Back to the recyclers or lysosomes, their job is to go around and find all the worn-out mitochondria and gobble them up and use them as fuel. They also gobble up viruses and bacteria and everything that has gotten into the cell like the old organelles and again use them as fuel.

What happens when the worn-out mitochondria are gobbled up? It stimulates a process to produce new mitochondria. In the morning, you wake up full of new mitochondria again and that’s why you jump out of bed with energy. Fasting is a proven method for healing. Nature shows us this when animals are sick, they fast. Humans are the only ones who don’t do this!

Fasting comes to us naturally from the wisdom of the Universe through the divine web called instinct. Children have been taught very early on not to follow this instinct by their parents. Parents tell their children three fundamental things when they are growing up, “no, stop and don’t”. What we are doing as a society is changing our instinct with culture.

To Eat Or Not To Eat Why Fasting Is So Important?

Let’s look at caloric intake. We can take any group of animals and cut their caloric intake by 50% and increase the life span by 30%. One of the other illusions we get our children to buy into is the illusion of time. We tell them, it’s time to eat and they say, but I’m not hungry and we say, it’s time to eat.

It’s important to understand that there is no time. It’s important to understand that now is eternal. Tomorrow is a dream, it’s an illusion. What is yesterday? Do you know what you did at 2:33 pm yesterday? If you asked two people who were together yesterday at 2:33 pm what they were doing, you’re probably going to get two different answers.

Yesterday was an illusion and tomorrow is an illusion and what’s left? What’s left is “if, could be, might be, should be, could have been and should have been and none of them are real. All of these things except “now” are not real, they are an illusion.

The only thing that’s real is now. The minute you think about it, it’s over. The only thing you can do with now is “experience” it. Does society like experiencing “now”, they love it! It’s the only thing in life we seek. We are always looking for “now”. Why is that, because in the moment of “now” when your mind is off, we are bliss.

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