To Eat Or Not To Eat https://drthomaslodi.com/ To eat or not to eat, which is it and what is the proper balance. It is just as crucial not to eat as it is to eat. When we quit eating and the flow of sugar or glucose stops entering the cell, a little system of organelles called lysosomes begins cleaning house or recycling. The accurate answer to the question to eat or not to eat is, both are absolutely vital. Nonetheless, we will focus on the “not to eat” point of view in this short article and the benefits that come from it. In regard to the lysosomes, their job is to go around and find all the worn-out mitochondria, consume them for the purpose of generating energy. The lysosomes also consume infections as well as microorganisms and whatever else that has entered the cell like the old organelles and once more utilize them as energy. Now, what happens when the worn-out mitochondria are consumed by the lysosomes? It jump starts a process to produce brand-new mitochondria. In the morning, you get up full of new mitochondria once more and that’s why you leap from bed feeling good. Fasting is a tried and tested technique for recovery. Nature shows us when pets are sick, they don’t eat. People are the only ones that do not do this! Fasting is a natural part of us and it comes from the wisdom of the Universe via the magnificent web called instinct. Youngsters have been educated really early on not to follow this natural impulse by their parents. Moms and dads teach their kids three basic things when they are growing up, “no, stop it and also do not do that”. What’s happening in our society is our natural instinct is being replaced with today’s culture. Let’s take a look at calorie intake. We can take any kind of collection of pets and reduce their calorie consumption by 50% and the result is their lifespan increases by 30%. A vegan ketogenic diet regimen also helps in recovering from and protecting against cancer.    • Food and Cancer      / @drthomaslodi   Translated titles: Comer o no comer Essen oder nicht essen Manger ou ne pas manger Comer ou não comer खाएं या न खाएं لتناول الطعام أو عدم تناول الطعام Jeść lub nie jeść Сесть или не съесть

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