the three fundamentals to stop the production of cancerLet’s Review The Three Fundamentals To Stop The Production Of Cancer. 

The three fundamentals to stop the production of cancer that we use at our healing center are as follows. First, we teach people how to stop making cancer. Secondly, we target and eliminate cancer without harm to the body. And, thirdly, we naturally enhance the immune system which is the body’s only defense system.

The best and most natural way to deal with cancer is a healthy immune system so it’s very important to understand how to keep your immune system functioning optimally. These are the three pillars of what we teach and perform at our healing center. A healthy immune system is the best way to prevent cancer.

You could have a large tumor but if it doesn’t grow another inch and doesn’t metastasize, you’ll live a normal life. It’s never the primary tumor that hurts, it’s the metastatic problem. When a person comes to our healing center, An Oasis Of Healing in Mesa, Az, which uses alternative cancer treatments and they have a tumor and say can you get rid of this, what they are really saying is, how do I stop making cancer.

Anybody Can Get Rid Of Cancer Keeping It Gone Is A Whole Other Matter

It really doesn’t matter how good anybody is at getting rid of the tumor, i.e. surgery because it will be back unless you change the lifestyle that helped create it in the first place. So, we start here first and teach people how to stop producing cancer.

Second, we target and eliminate cancer. By understanding what cancer is and the biology of it which is a chronic fermenting cell, we can then apply natural cancer treatments targeted to the cancer cells that challenge them metabolically. Treatments such as laetrile from apricot seeds and intravenous high dose vitamin c which produces hydrogen peroxide inside of cells are incredibly effective at attacking and killing cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone to thrive.

This is how we challenge the cancer cells metabolically, they can’t handle what normal healthy cells can, and therefore, they die off. Now, it’s important to understand there are many of these natural treatments available to combat cancer. What’s also critical to know is that you can never just do one thing when it comes to cancer. If you do just one thing, cancer is clever and it will figure a way around it.

The Three Fundamentals To Stop The Production Of Cancer And Help Restore Health

If you stop making cancer, do all of these different therapies to target the cancer cells and eliminate them and then enhance the immune system, cancer can’t survive in this alkaline-rich environment.

Here’s what’s missing, when you think you have a diagnosis you feel wonderful because you think you have the answer, however, diagnosis fails to give you two important things that you want and need. The first is, how did I get this? And the second is how do I get rid of it? A diagnosis does not answer these two vital questions, they just give you a name.

Getting back to nature is the only answer so take your shoes off, go outside and be in nature, it’s the best medicine there is, period!

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