This Is Why Cancer Feeds On Sugar https://drthomaslodi.com/this-is-the-… This is why cancer feeds upon sugar and it is very important to comprehend in terms of prevention. The most prone part of our cells is what’s called the mitochondria. Mitochondria are the little organelles inside of a cell that takes glucose and oxygen and produces ATP. ATP is the energy currency in bodies’ biological systems. As an example, if you want a certain pump to deal with a cell membrane you may need 4 ATP a second or 35 ATP a second. The main manufacturing facilities for that are the mitochondria. The mitochondria are spread in plenty around the cell. The mitochondria have oxygen so they are flammable metaphorically speaking. This is much like a person that uses an oxygen mask and has actually been urged not to smoke a cigarette. What occurs is oxygen produces oxidative byproducts which are harmful and that’s why mitochondria are replaced so frequently. They are the exclusive organelle in the cell that has its own DNA. The organelles are responsible for the manufacturing of energy. They enable the cell to do whatever it’s going to do. The mitochondria are vulnerable and also if they are staying in a sea of toxins, these would be the first to die. If you shed a particular number of mitochondria then the power that is needed to keep the metabolic features of the body is gone. So, exactly what does the body carry out in this instance? Well, it does exactly what the body constantly does and begins doing a homeostatic process to keep us going. The homeostatic process in the face of this situation is to go into a fermentation or glycolysis state. Glycolysis or fermentation is what our body does when it is not able to metabolize with oxygen. The spin-off of fermentation is lactic acid. With cancer cells, there are no mitochondria because they have actually been battered therefore they stay in a chronic lactic acid production state and also become constantly fermenting cells. When a cell is obtaining its energy with fermentation and it’s not utilizing oxygen, it no longer requires antioxidant enzymes and eliminates them. Nonetheless, cancer cells are nineteen times less effective at creating energy than a regular cell. In order to endure they need nineteen times more fuel. That fuel is sugar and that is the reason cancer feeds upon sugar.    • Stop Making Cancer      / @drthomaslodi  

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